The highest proof of the Mother’s Mercifulness

The highest proof of the Mother’s Mercifulness is, that for the smallest effort of any striving aspirant, he gets a permanent benefit, that helps him, not for one life alone, but for lives and lives.

In fact, true Religion is a science of not only improving your externals, but also and mainly, your own internal instruments and faculties, and transferring and sublimating your mind, heart and your own very Self.

Further, the most secret point of a guiding principle, in the serial arrangement of events, circumstances, and conditions in the chalked-out life for every being, has been that of the alternate following of opposites.

Without this, life would have been unbearable and all exertion for progress would have been discouraging and tiresome. Pleasure and pain, success and failure, perspiring work and undisturbed peaceful rest, rise and fall, march and retreat, have been designedly made to fill up alternately the long decades of a period of each and every human life.

There are extremely few cases of “no joy” and “misery” all alone at a long suicide-suggesting stretch. A little feasting has been always provided after every fasting.

It is ignorance that gives you a Bliss. If people could see what is passing in the minds of others, whom they deal with, three-fourths of the worldly happiness and bliss would immediately evaporate.

We are all dancing, so long as we are in the Bliss of Ignorance.

By your experience, you know, there is no knowing when good comes out of bad and when bad comes out of the good.

~ Extract from the  MAI-ISM BOOK , PROLOGUE SECTION.

Author: Mai Swarup Mai Markand

Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India.