Mental, moral, spiritual and religious limits


God’s commandments, God’s recommended ways of living, God’s representatives, God’s Court lawyers, God’s heavens. God’s purgatories – all these have meaning only to the extent God becomes a reality to the world. Mai-ism begins at the most practical end. Although most of the men would remain selfishly begging till the end, some of them would like to and do rise higher.

Once let the experience of the Divine help on God’s Grace by obedience to the Guru’s guidance, on Mother worship and prayer and the resulting intercession by God’s pets and devotees, be spread, even though in a scattered manner, but yet all over the world.

Regarding the resulting benefit both spiritual, as also worldly, one man does go higher and higher though slowly and invisibly, even though he himself does not feel so or get convinced about his rise. We do sometimes hear frequent complaints from beginners about no progress or benefits being had, in spite of continued devotion. On the most precise analysis, the disease of that sort of belief is bound to be found in certain wrong beliefs, and ignorance and complete irrational thinking about Religion. Some reasons are these : (1) People want to buy heaven out of a penny. (2) The progress is not seen  till water actually flows from a well-pump, although water has been rising in the pipe with every stroke (3) Spiritual progress or benefit as of bliss and of cessation of worry, fear, etc., is not counted as an achievement although enjoyed and never agreed to be foregone (4) People don’t differentiate between material and spiritual happiness. Happiness is mostly taken to mean material and worldly happiness. (5) Other people’s happiness for comparison and contrast is pictured only on imagination and in absolute ignorance of facts (6) Some have such a crude notion about happiness, that they won’t feel happy unless they are perfectly happy in every manner, every direction, every side and in every type. (7) Some have a natural habit or weakness of ruminating over their few points of unhappiness (8) Some have an extremely narrow view about the amount and type of labour required to achieve some solid progress.

The whole difficulty arises from the fact that people do not know their real levels, and have not before their eyes the different higher and lower grades of evolution. And on the top of that, whenever anyone decides to be taking up the course of self-evolution, he usually commits the blunder of putting himself in a class much higher than his real one. His time and labour get wasted like the attendance of college lectures by a primary school boy. There are other wrong notions associated with this age, of a democratic nature which retards the spiritual progress – ” Automatically we are becoming better and better .” ” What one man can do, another can as well do.” “We have limitless internal powers though dormant,” and so on. Humility and obedience and discipline and principle of being on the over exerting side, rather than failing on account of only a slight under-doing, all are gone.

Just as there are physical limits, there are mental, moral, religious and spiritual limits. You can’t go beyond them.

The only difference is that physical limits are too gross to be enlarged, whereas other limits can be enlarged, even to a wonderful extent by exertion, practice, sacrifice and suffering. The mind must be trained to discern smallest subtleties and see distinctions of lower and higher grades.

~ Extract from the book : MAI-ISM / Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand