To be knowing everything is no requisite qualification either for peace, or bliss or salvation.

Mai-ism says,” Don’t be a curiosity-seeker and questioner, in the matter of mysteries beyond your limitations. The only thing practically possible is attributing what can’t be understood or solved, to Mother’s Divine Will. Subordinate your intellect to Divine Faith. Prefer to be over-powered with Mother’s Glory and Mercy, to being humiliated in your vain efforts with your disappointment and God’s displeasure.

Be ready to be taught, with the firmness of humility and duty, to walk in the Divine Path. Mother, Herself will reveal you, as you advance, as much of the secret as is necessary and beneficial to you for your further progress towards Her. Whom She selects, that person alone can know and understand the secret and that too only a fragment.

The best answer to all various doubts and questions is to tie down your mind (she-monkey) to the Lotus Feet of Mother and drown her in an opium doze of devotion. If it were possible to learn the universe-ruling mysteries Mother would not have been called Incomprehensible and unspeakable Almighty.

The mystery has to be learnt in the language of silence by the Guru. You can rise above the imperfection of being troubled with doubtfulness and attain a stage, where the mind does not leave its bliss to invite uneasiness under doubts. That is the Real Stage. That is the Real Substance and that is the permanent work to be done. No answers originated and obtained from the mental plane will give you permanent satisfaction.

414. Let me explain rationally what is meant by,” Having known which, nothing remains to be known” regarding the said Truth. Does that mean you know from here, how many puppies your bitch has delivered hundreds of miles away? No. The most prevalent misunderstood meaning !! Is it that some higher spirit tells you an answer to any question? No. The only meaning is, your mind reaches a stage when it neither raises any such worthless questions nor does it care to know even if that worthless knowledge were imparted to you by any outside agency.

415. You are served with a dish containing hundreds of most nicest dainties; you take the best thing and you are filled up and say,” I have eaten enough ” , Once you are filled up to the point of vomiting at the very mention of eating anything more, you never think of other eatables. You do not want to be approached with other dishes. You reject them by saying ” I have eaten them all”.

This is how I interpret. I am not denying clairvoyance or telepathy or any higher powers of knowing everything past present or future if there be, but for a Mai-ist this interpretation within rationalistic limits, I consider quite enough. Other things may be true but are not indispensable. Further, even if it is or be a fact that the past present and future are actually known, it is my personal strong opinion that you are much happier, and the world too, far less unnecessarily agitated, by your keeping silent and telling people you can’t and don’t know and advising them to restrict themselves to their rational conclusions. To be knowing everything is no requisite qualification either for peace, or bliss or salvation. 


[ You are not required to be knowing everything, for a Mai-ist, even anything. You are carried through every situation, provided you become Mother’s child, and that is Mai-ism !!! ~ Mai-ism ]

~ Mai-ism Notes 413 to 415 

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Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.

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