A thought provoking scriptural teaching

A man is drowning in a river;

there are two man standing on the bank;

one of them speaks wrathfully, “I had told you thrice not to go deep.”;

 he turns his back and goes home, altogether without any sorrow (being a fatherly saint) ;

there is another man (a motherly saint) who runs to the  opposite shop,  takes a rope coil and flings it up in the river towards the drowning man  and shouts” catch the end , and I will put you out “;

the rope coil is hundred feet long and the drowning man is still 50 feet still further away.

The man is drowned.

The world only laughs at the man saying “Was it ever possible? Even a child could have seen he was much further away.”

The world has nothing better to offer, except ridiculing on such failure .

The world has no eyes to see that although the drowning man was not saved, he would have been saved if he had been within 100 feet, or if the rope coil had been 50 feet longer .

Nor does the world know about so many of them, that has been invisibly profited within 100 feet, at least with the courage of catching up the rope in case they had any diffidence about their swimming capacity. 





Further Clarification and Simplification about Mai and Maiism


I ( Mai Swarup Mai Markand  1885 – 1966 ) am not still contented with innumerable long letters I have sent to so many religious thinkers in India and abroad. If it were possible, I would have run down to each of the greatest religious highest souls, or any religion and any country or any nation. I would have tapped their doors even in the midst of night, and waited fine hours till they called me, and under every pressure from my little sell I would have entreated them and all of us, as are serious and willing and finally would have seriously talked together for hours and days, ta arrive at some most agreeable lines, on which to set up the skeleton of a Universal Religion’s frame work.

However, we all truly Universal Religionists, are locked up in most unapproachable, distant most cells by Satan, working through materialism, inividualism and atheism. This world itself, I have found to be the greatest Babel Tower, where none correctly reads or understands the mind and heart of the other, nor is the speech and language being interpreted in the same spirit as the speaker. I have found language to be quite a poor means of communication, especially while trying to transfer the subtlest shades of sublime thoughts and emotions of religion. We have the least assistance or sympathy, encouragement or appreciation from the general humanity, for whom in fact we have lived and dedicated our lives, minds and hearts. There is, therefore, absolutely very little hope of reaping the harvest of our sown see during our own life. This is one of the greatest reasons, why religion alone can bring into existence, an entirely transformed patter mankind, which is surely not the work of a single man of al but of so many men working for so many quarters and centuries, from generation to generation, in succession, with inheritance, and mild moral persuasive and appealing controlling suggestive mental and soul power.

All the same, let me clear as much as I can, through the most ineffective poor instrumentality of a paper, pen, post and press, in respect of how far Mai-ism has been most favorable and suitable to the new age, as its acceptable Universal World Religion. The most practical measure, is that of, any two highest religious thinking souls, being brought together in personal contact, or in frequent long hours, open-minded interview, or being closeted together, (each one in communion with one’s own God for some few hours in solitude) and finally, drawing up certain valuable conclusions on comparing notes of all sided aspects that is many times more fruitful than any number of temporary Congresses or routinistic societies. (It need not be mentioned again and again, that under Mai-ism, who-ever is one’s own God, referred to above i.e. during closetting together, is immaterial.) Please remember in this connection, that, Mai-ism has its own certain special characteristics, which require all impartial and experienced deep religious thinkers to think upon, most meditatively.

In fact, I cannot myself understand, why I should have called Maiism a religion. In absence of any better denomination, I have called it Mai-ism, and Mai-ism, the Universal Religion. It is not the creation of a fad. It is not the same pattern, on which all individual religions have been cast, only with a little change here and there. Of course, the working of the principle of any religious machinery is impossible to be something never heard before. All the same, Mai-ism is not based on the very same principles, at least in the external forms, which each individual religion usually shows at its first sight. Surely, as everyone knows, there can be nothing entirely new under the sun, at least in the matters of religiosity and spirituality. All the same, there are vast differences of the elementary fundamentals, ways, methods, beliefs, etc. The finalmost truth is the same. But the way and the life differs. Simplest figure of 9 is derived through several calculations, as 4+5, or 10-1, or 3 x 3, or 90/10 , involving innumerable additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. Final result remaining surely the same, there are easy or complicated, short or long, ways and methods, Naturally enough, the higher and higher you go over a pyramid, any two points of any two different facets to be much nearer each other. Of course, in that sense, Maiism at the points nearest to the apex, cannot be an entirely different heterogeneous thing from all individual religions. It may also be clearly seen that, looked from the highest point of view N cannot be entirely unconcerned with, and quite dissimilar individual religions.

The main characteristics of Mai-ism are as under :

(a) It would look, for instance, quite strange, as stated in Main Mother’s Message, page 5 – that even one who does not believe in God but does believe in common tie of humanity and practises service and extends love to all is a Mai-ist, (with some locus standi under religion), Mai-ism accepts you, even if you only have the universal outlook and live the life of universal love and universal service, to the extent of your possibility and practicability.

(b) Without diving deep into the subtleties of Mai-ism, some religionists have asked superficially, “Why do you add one more religion to the already too many that have sufficiently confused the world?” The reply to such hasty conclusion is what I stated above, viz., that it is not a religion in exactly the same sense as all individual religions have so far been. Overcrowding is possible, only when different individualities of the very same nature, variety and pattern, are huddled together. Only a single student studying Latin in a College does not over-crowd all other language classes.

(c) Whereas all religions, till now, have worked on the in creating diversities out of unity, here is an entirely reverse goal object, purpose and measure, and move in the opposite direc.. channelising all diversities towards unity. Whereas all 1 religions represent centrifugal forces, which result in their nys from the centre, Mai-ism represents the centripetal forces, which would result in all individual religions rushing towards the centre. Although the object in view is just the reverse, its working on the same lines as the individual religions becomes indispensable, in as much as it would only then be able to counteract the poisonous effect of the past. Any antidote to any poison, given inadvertently or purposely through a medicine, is again required to be, although of an entirely reverse nature, through medicine, and medicine alone. A diamond alone can cut a diamond. Even when the direction has to be reversed, any train’s work, carrying hundreds of passengers, has to be done by a different train alone, although the second train is required to be a herculean train, and running in a different direction. It is therefore, that the philosophy and movement of Mai -ism fall under the nomenclature of a religion, even though, as stated above, it does not insist on some belief in the very existence of God. And yet while this is being broadly stated, let there be no misunderstanding that Mai-ism is a religion of no God. Just the reverse. The spring of surviving stamina and security of Mai-ism sprays itself from Godliness itself through goodness givingness and greatness (vide World’s need page 4.) .

The main most difference is, there is no compulsion and no pressure, and no misunderstandings-creation for them, that of themselves feel no need of a God. Mai – ism is eagerly anxious to take them upon its shoulders. Just the reverse of ‘no God’, it depends fully for its success, only on God’s grace, only on Mai’s grace. However, it tries to provide various ways, means and teachings for all classes of persons at different stages of evolution. Mai-ism is not for confusing, discouraging or expelling them, that fall below a certain ideal rigid standard; but gradually lifting everyone from one’s own stage to higher and higher stages.

(d) The next thing to note is that Mai-ism is all inclusive, as stated in the very first page of ” Mother’s Message”, where it states, that Mai-ism is the Universal Religion without caste, creed or colour.

With full respect to and following one’s own religion, without departure, one can be a Hindu Mai-ist, a Christian Maiist ,  Muslim Mai-ist, a Buddha Mai-ist, etc.

(e) Mother Mai has always been discussed to be sexless or beyond sex, and hence, Mai-ism has absolutely nothing to object against Fai-ism. If at all in future any such religion is given by God Almighty to the world, as stated in Mai-ism, Mai or Fai is the very same Almighty, who has the aspect of Mai or Fai, according as the devotees and worshippers desire.

(f) It has been also very clearly stated under Mai-ism, that anyone can simultaneously have his own individual religion for individual purposes ( for his preliminary evolution ), with quite a smooth and harmonious living in the midst of his own society, and yet, without the least conflict, he can have the Universal Religion, which is meant for universal purposes, and for higher evolution, as well. That is so because the purposes, aims and objects, fields and duties, associations, environments and problems of individual religion and universal religion are entirely different. There is absolutely no conflict, unless either of them is twisted to bear wrong, untrue and half-distorted interpretations. Mai-ism says that we never find any portion of our body working against the well-being of the whole body itself. Whenever either the universal religion or individual religion interprets any truth, as in contradiction to the well-being of the Universal Religion or any individual religion, surely, it must be inferred that there is something wrong somewhere, in the interpretation. And that can be at once remedied, if the whole and all parts are mutually interconnected and united. These parts have always to be fully harmonious with one another and also with the whole.
Surely, the highest religious thinkers have gradually arrive the stage of visualizing the need of a Universal Religion, as the federation of all. What Mai-ism puts before the world is a third requirement, viz., that the Universal Religion has to be a full fledged religion, to serve as the federator of all religions.

(g) Further, Mai is the Mother or the Spirit, or what the Christians imagine and call, “ The Holy Ghost ”. Mai is the Mother of all and of any deity and of any worshiper. It is the God of any religion and even of any imaginary God of any conception.

(h) Another feature of Mai-ism is that it believes the world cannot have the benefits of a Universal Religion, unless, it is entwined around a Universally accepted God. A Union of Ferocious lions wishing to tear each other, most united with one another cannot be brought into existence, simply as a result of mere wishes of idealists, or by a flock of bleating lambs.

(i) In the matter of selection of the conception of the Universal God, nothing can be so very natural, easily follow-able, and familiar, as the parental conception; and further, in as much as father is justice and mother is mercy, and yet further, inasmuch the world needs, in the modern age, God’s mercy, Motherhood of God is, at least in the belief of Mai-ism, most preferable. In respect of the selection of God from the point of parentage, fatherhood or motherhood, the world has to be extremely practical to be fully deriving every exaltation. “There is no religion higher than truth” and mere notions of man-made decisions regarding our courtesies or their reverses of vulgarisms should not deter the world from holding final truths fully in front of one’s face.
From this viewpoint it is fully certain that the certainty about a certain mother parentage is a fully provable truth with undeniable evidence of witness from any maternity home. Any nurse and any doctor would boldly certify the mother of a certain baby, to be a certain woman. In the other case it is all only a matter of assumed chastity, custom, guardianship responsibility, social courtesy and responsibility-fixing legal provision and world’s procedure.
Further for societies, in which there are no customs of marriages, the fatherhood determination problem hangs in the air. Even in rarest cases where the guardianship of an unprotected baby comes into question, human nature and compassionate impartial judgement of public leaders and judges mostly decide the issue in favour of the child in the guardianship of the baby’s mother. Fatherhood had its day. The world now needs a drastic overhauling change of the following of the fatherhood ideal has now been only flogging the dead horse. Let the new age have a new religie individual but universal, and let it have a new God, who is Father alone, but Mother- Father God.

(j) If the universe is to be made a happy family, there is no other conception as efficient as the Universal Mother.

(k) Mai-ism wants thinking people to realise that God is God, man is man, religion is religion and a mere society is a society,
There is no guarantee as safe and certain as God and religion, for being remunerated in respect of any service and sacrifice, in the interest of anyone of the whole humanity. Rain is rain and a gardener’s water-sprinkling can is a can. This is being stated in respect of what man and even superman can do and what God Almighty can do. Man cannot give life to the smallest bug once killed, whereas God has been creating millions of even human lives, every second.

(l) Mai-ism clearly states that the teaching of service, and sacrifice, without any the smallest idea o a return, is only an ideal. Of course, the higher and higher anyone rises, his selflessness, desirelessness, relishlessness and non-attachment goes on increasing from nothingness to maximum; but that is an actual, hard, uphill task, and nothing is more ridiculous, than to make a pre- assumption of what is a to be achieved through religiosity, God’s grace and Guru’s guidance. Mai-ism’s aim and object is to collect, preserve and create every divinity dust grain from every religion and any corner of the world, while fully maintaining any one’s individual religion intact. Any subtle reader of Mai-ism literature will see that a certain principle has been clearly stated and accepted. It is that, texts of prayers, language thereof, details of ceremony and modes of worshipping, etc. have to be accepted and introduced in any Mai center or institute according as the Mai-ists of the particular centre unanimously decide, with full independence and discretion, be they of any religion. This has been most clearly stated in “Mother’s Message”on page 13 under the practical measures of Mai-ists, It reads as under :

Some of the practical measures for true Mai-ists are : (9) Constructing, opening, or encouraging to open Mother’s Lodges, Temples, Homes and Colonies under any denomination religious, national or communal, of any people, in any place.

(m) What Mai – ism wants may be better explained by a long illustration. Just have the picture of the father’s many mansions and warehouses of innumerable mangoes of all varieties grown up in all parts of our vastest world. Mai – ism has seen that the world has been since long suffering from the worst cholera of devilishness, because people eat rotten corroded, spoiled and disease – spreading mangoes. Mai – ism has therefore undertaken the work of separating divinity-smelling, health-giving mangoes from the spoiled and infected mangoes. Mai – ism does not stop with sorting out mangoes alone. It applies the same test to all diseases – spreading fruits as well, say, guavas, plantains, apples, etc. Mai – ism holds forth one biggest imaginable basket. Bestness and health – givingness is the test, and practically the only test for any fruit for being picked up and placed in constant and continued contactual association with equally best fruits. Practically, that is the only test of best fruits, for being entrusted to the Best Preserver of the whole universe (the Universal Most Merciful Mother Mai). The shape, the colour, the size, the nature and degree of relishfulness or sweetness, place or person, in respect of any fruit, are all simply secondary considerations. It is enough that the fruit is not corroded and not disease-creating and does not turn all other fruits to be dangerous, with the destruction work, say, as of gnaw-worms.

(n) If I like mangoes, I need not crush a plantain under my feet, nor be an idiot to assert that, because I am a mango – appreciator, all others over whom I may have my hold, should be all appreciators of mangoes alone. Nor should it be, that because I am a mango-appreciator, I should refuse to eat or even see an apple. A true Marist would rather look for the health-givingness and relishfulness in any fruit, that happens to be in his contact.
To put it in plainest words, Mai-ism is for godliness, universality, goodness, morality, mercy, justice, virtue and best men to men relationship, wherever and in whatever form it may be found. Mai-ism is for minimisation of all man-made degenerating differences. Mai-ism has yet further, to provide for the consolidation, preservation and future procreation of these attributes, for the welfare, peace, prosperity and happiness of the new age. This sort of work can never be done unless, through the agency of a religion, because, it is such a long process that it requires to be carried out with developments from time to time with the intact, continuity of not one life time, but of quarters or one-thirds of a century, or, at least, say, thirty years. This work has to be carried out from age to age, pedigree to pedigree, and generation to generation. The world’s progressiveness is so very trivial, and the goal is so very distant, that quite a long continuity of sameness, with the force of an inheritance, is indispensable. And that can be had and preserved, under the unworldly selflessness of religion alone.
Religious development, as achieved in so many various aspects, spiritual, scriptural, religious, moral and social, has to be preserved and progressed with much greater zeal, service, sacrifice, patience and hard conscientious working, which is many times much more laborious, taxing and self-mortifying, than that of the past times and the sweet will-working of individuals, societies or institutes. It is religion alone, which can serve as the constantly working machinery, which has been moulding millions of men in a particular mentality, to be thinking and living in the same specified and chalked out way, at the very same time. It is also religion alone, that can generate the required force for millions of the new age to be inheriting and imitating the very same attributes or the ages before them.
In one word, Mai-ism aspires to create and bring into existence, a certain new pattern of humanity, which believes in certain particular attributes and ways of living and beliefs, etc.

These attributes can be summed up in the one simplest formula of the most powerful and greatest welfare-creating fewest fundamental highest truths. Mai-ism is based on such a simple formula of fewest words of greatest spiritual efficacy. Mai-ism means (1) universality (2) love (3) service (4) devotion () unconditional cheerful self-surrender and (6) the spiritual co-equal status of man and woman, with the full understanding of their mutual inevitable interdependence and interpenetration, and therefore, with the realisation of the indispensability of the spiritual, sanctified, selfless unification.

The emblem that has been selected by Mai-ism is that of the ancestral well-known Swastik. It is not the same as that of the Nazis. And there should be no confusion at all, in as much as the four arms have been specifically explained as love, service, devotion and surrender, The horizontal and vertical axes respectively represent (1) universality and spirituality, or the best man to man of human being to human being relationship, and (2) the sanctified unification and spiritual oneness of man and woman, or husband and wife, both respectively.

In the absence of innumerable experiences of ups and downs, catastrophes and open injustices tyrannies of the wicked world, many of the new materialistic world, (with wealth, woman, profit and pleasure as the highest aims of life and living), believe that to be most courteous and sympathetic with the world’s past glory, let some honorific nominal value, of a sentimental nature, be retained for virtue, morality, best character and conduct, etc. However that much, the nominal reverence, is enough by itself; and the world may dispense with the nuisances of God and Religion. And even morality and virtue. Some further think. if at all God and religion are necessary, people themselves, individually. are intelligent, educated, sufficiently scripture-proficient and competent enough to create their own God and their own religion. These small-witted persons have no idea that they will be simply shifting the whole evil and misery from its present form to the worst evil of hundreds of Gods and hundreds of religions tried to be thrust into the world. Each one would be smashing another to establish one’s own supremacy through his own God and religion, The only remedy therefore, is that the world should have a God and Religion which is most acceptable to the greatest number of religious thinking persons.
Goodness is weakness in the modern materialistic world. Goodness therefore, to survive, needs the protection of godliness, not simply of an individual Deity or any individual God, of any individual religion or nation, but that of the finalmost, absolute, all pervading omnipotent God, say, as Universal Mother Mai

In fact, as stated on page 16 in information about International Religious Federation (IRF) Japan, by Maiji as its Sub-Councillorin-Chief,………………
(8) The highest religious man, so long as he does not believe in the world as a one whole unit, is under a delusion about his  praying to Almighty God. He is worshipping not ‘God’, but the ‘Reflection of God’, in the light of his own conception.

He has been worshipping not a real God, but a partial reflectional and conceptional God, God whom he himself has created in his own mind according to his own imagination, or which his mind has created for him, for his consolation and satisfaction, (9) The truest God can never be conceived except as the Creator of the Whole Universe, and He can never be exclusively attached to one’s own Religion or Nation, as against all other Religions or Nations. I cannot conceive at least, that my Mother
Mai, will hand over a poison drug to one of the sons to kill another. How are other Gods of other religions, I am not authorized to speak about. That can best be said by authorities of those religions.
The differences between men and men are mostly of the nature of the opposite pairs of good and evil, godliness and godlessness, virtue and vice, mercy and cruelty, selflessness and selfishness, surrender to God and rebelliousness, reverence and obedience to spiritual teachers, parents, elders, masters, rulers, etc. or belittlement and insolence, harassment by children, disobedience by juniors and rebelliousness by the ruled, etc.

Mai-ism is for deciding once for all, to which basket, whether to the religious museum basket, or Municipal rubbish basket, a certain fruit naturally belongs, and Mai-ism is for consolidating all best fruits with minimization of all small differences, which are comparatively quite trivial. It is only man’s own mind, that plays all mischief, in the matter of making a mountain of a molehill difference.

It is that very human mind, which can as well, easily develop the magnanimity, of making least of any existing differences. In one word, there is no superman, however great, who can serve as a sure guarantee, as God and religion, as stated before, and there is no machinery as powerful as religion, which can shape and govern millions at the same time, and mould humanity for ages after ages, to the same pattern of a certain set of universally acceptable, peaceful, happiness creating, harmonious living principles.

The definition about Mai’s names, forms and aspects is so very wide, that anyone say, believing only in his own conscience, or only in nature, divine law, or evolution, etc., can find his own conception accepted and included in the broadest definition of Mai. Anyone can figuratively be a worshiper of Mai in any one form, one chooses. This will be clear on going through the definition of Mai in the commencement page, the second one itself, (page two) of Mai Sahasranama, or Mother’s Thousand Names.

Just broaden, widen and universalize the interpretations and you will be extremely happy to have the complete, broadened, rational, universalized, whole outlook of Mai-ism. Let us take one instance. Just try to have the full picture of the two requirements of devotion and unconditional cheerful self surrender. Remain fully contented with your belief of no God. Mai-ism does not disturb you. However, apply these two principles to any persons, whom, so to say in a figurative sense, you have been worshipping. Let him or her be your hero or heroine, your ideal, your imitation object, your idol. The said two attitudes as recommended under Mai-ism on being fully practised, and fulfilled, will result in your conviction, that, at least, your own life, world and universe has been turned to happify you, as in Heaven.

Surely, it is most difficult for even deep thinkers, to believe that all the different varieties of emotions, actions, attitudes, conducts, characters, intensities, desires, etc. can be elevated, merely through two words of Love and Service. However, extremely deep thinking along with the most profound experience, will gradually lead you to conclude, that love is such a mysterious force, that, there is no exaggeration when it is stated that “God is love”. Yet further, it may be seen that virtues and vices, attitudes and conducts, good, bad or indifferent, and even temperaments, are all finally attributable to either neutrality or hatred or love, towards the person dealt with. It need not be stated again and again, that Mai is the mightiest form, aspect and ideal of the highest divine love.



Author : ~ Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand




(1) Mai or Universal Mother is the most perfect and indisputable, universal commonsense – agreed and experience-confirmed origin and source, from which all universes, souls, powers, all beings, all existent, solar systems, Monads, Logos, all and everything that bears a name or is imaginable and conceivable, emanate. Let the atheist accept this denomination of Mother, only in its undeniable broadest sense, VIZ,that of the Cause, the Origin,the Source,the Womb, the Root. Say, Mother is the Earth, (given the Mother’ denomination), from which everything that has its existence gets manifested and grows up, and to whose support, is everything finally indebted. From Mai we all come, in Mai we all live and to Mai we all, return. Mai is omnipotent. omnipresent, omniscient, supreme and finalmost. Mai is the last highest power – possessor and wielder. Mai is the Sovereign and Supreme ruler that governs life, light, law and love, infinitely internally and externally. (Mai-ists may if they like, constantly repeat pages 29 and 30 of “Mother’s Message ” for creating the unshakable conviction. )

(2) A follower, servant, devotee or scion of Mai is ten times the servant and follower, of any of the Mai’s illustrious sons, the founders of various religions. saints, sages, savants, etc. and the greatest guides and gurus of any age, of any world part, and of any nation.

(3) Unification alone accelerates ascent and evolution, while disintegration decidedly ends in descent and destruction.

(4) Motherhood conception of God and its universal religion Mai – ism, especially with its unique acceptance of universality and with its open declaration about maintaining the individual religion’s full integrity and with the most – needed genuine insistence in respect of newly injected element of the spiritual co-equal status of man and woman transforms the entire aspect of the most efficient working of the true religiosity.
Maiism accelerates the speed of the hitherto – kept-running, religiosity – working – machinery, of all individual religions, which have practically been short-sighted without universality, and paralytic without the unity, that can result from the spiritual co-equal status of man and woman. As already stated, in the world’s need and Mai-ism, this motherhood-conception-acceptance is thus, the perfecting from the already high to yet higher stage, of the imperfect, one-eyed and one-legged individual religions, on religionization of the new most – needed tenets of “universality” and “spiritual co-equal status of man and woman.”

(5) Anyone, even if he does not believe in God, but does believe in the common tie of humanity, and practises service and extends love to all, is fully qualified, to be a Mai-ist.

(6) Any simplest, smallest or most elementary conception about the “ Finalmost Supreme, that can be imagined, is enough by itself, for anyone to believe and call himself, a Mai-ist. That is so, because the Mai conception and definition is all-including, all-embracing and all-accepting. Mai has infinite and limitless conceptions, forms, attributes, and names, as explained in details on the very second page of Mother’s Thousand Names, Vol.I.

(7) Mai is the Creator, the Nourish-er and Re-arranger of the universe. Mai is the wielder of the powers of desire, knowledge or action. Mai is the Supreme controller of Nature. Mai is the very soul of all sublimity and beauties. Mai is the sustain-er of justice and Shower-er of compassion and mercy.

(8) In abstract phraseology, Mai is Divine Law, Providence, Fate, Time, Primal desire, Force, Inner Voice, and Conscience. Even what atheists call ‘ Chance’ is Mai. Knowability or unknowability is Mai. All sportivity, beneficence, peace, happiness and bliss is Mai Mai is beyond all describables, imaginables, conceivables, feel-ables or experience-ables.

(9) Guru or spiritual Master is Mai. Assemblage of gurus is Mai. Yogic Kundalini is Mai. Personal or impersonal conception of God is Mai. Both conceptions, with or without attributes and qualities, are Mai’s. The power to do or undo, or undo or do in the most wonderfully never-imagined manner is Mai’s.

(10) Mai is essentially the ocean of infinite Love and Mercy. Mai is human mother, vested with all Powers, and raised to infinity and Godhood. In spite of all this bewildering majesty and petrifying power, to a Mai-ist. Mai is, what a human mother is to her child.

(11) Mai’s main mandate (Ref – Mai – ism’: Heading of Chapter IV) is:
“Ye that are majors, be mother unto minors, as I have been unto you.”

(12) If the universe is to be made a hatred-less happy home, and if love, mercy and other qualities of the heart ( the bankruptcy of which has been felt so keenly in the present world ) are to reappear, Motherhood of God, is the most efficient basic conception, leading humankind through the most favorable, shortest, safest, simplest, surest, speediest and truest religiosity route, to the final-most human goal.

(13) Mai-ists’ devotional ideal, in view of all the above stated truths, is :
“Practise feeling, that you are a child-a child whom mother could not but accept, however wicked.”
“You automatically get confidence, you retain your innocence, purity and sincerity, and you raise yourself above worldwormness, sexuality and selfishness. You are off your cares, time is eternity you, and life is lightened. Be Mother’s child.

(14) The other world is an undeniable certainty. Spiritualism has proved the said truth, beyond the smallest shadow of any doubt with convincing instances, on records. The efficacy of prayers has been a truth, proved and proclaimed authoritatively, by psychologists and occult scientists, after most seriously scrutinized experiments and experiences. Dr. Alexis Carrel, the double Nobel Prize winner, especially, has given the final verdict, about the efficacy of prayers. There are hundreds of well attested cases of healing at Lourdes, in France, by the simple process of prayers. In fact, for unbiased, true, impartial truth-seekers, proofs are overwhelming. The theory of re-birth, although not proved, but at least not disproved, is fast gaining ground. All these truths taken together, awaken us to one highest truth viz., each human being’s responsibility and answerability for every desire, thought, emotion, and action, etc.

(15) While on one hand, science, rationalism, occultism, psychology etc. have been fast advancing, though unfortunately only intellectually, all great individual religions, have been losing even their smallest hold over their followers’s world, socially, morally, religiously and spiritually. What works as the dictator to anyone today, is one’s own free will and personal belief. While various brothers of individual religions have remained isolated and disunited, with bitterness, estrangement, rivalry and enmity, the formidable common enemy of religiosity viz. Satan, has practically captured the whole world, through mam-monism, materialism, individualism, capitalism, etc.

(16) And it is at the said most crucial moment, for the whole world, that we have to deeply and detail-fully study the whole situation. The whole religious world since in 1893 has made most afixious efforts, most favorable for a universal religion. All religionists have done their maximum, to formulate intellectually the much needed universal religion. However, in response to all their best efforts, what the world has seen as return, is nothing nobler, but just the reverse. It has been shattered through the First and Second World Wars, and we have the third one hanging over our heads, like a thin hair-tied deadly sword, creating a constant consternation.

(17) Universal Mai-ism represents the subsequent indispensable measure, that can provide the world’s need, which it places before the deeply thoughtful religious world. The truth of truths. which explains the said miserable failure, in spite of innumerable herculean religious striving, and struggling for nearly seven decades, since the world began to see the indispensable need of a universal religion, is what Mai-ism has suggested since 1932. It is this: Peace and happiness can originate, and to the required extent, when the greatest good of the greatest number’ becomes the life goal of any individual community, nation or the universe. Happiness has to be milked out by making others happy. The sum total of the Mai – ism six “G”s. viz gratefulness, greatness, goodness, givingness, godliness and goingness ( sacrifice, relinquishment, renunciation ) of any group, section or humanity portion, is the deciding factor about the eternal source of peace, bliss, and happiness for all inmates of the regions of that particular section. Taking a part view naturally, to the extent, any such nation or community can live in water-tight and air-tight conditions and ways of living, it does not indispensably need the universal outlook. So long as the world had spirituality and religiosity, and the main most principle of ” live and let live” was most naturally observed, or rather was somehow in observance, the world was generally in peace and happiness. Each nation easily adjusted itself regarding its expectations, according to its nature’s resources. Peace and happiness are God’s and Mai’s gifts of heart and mind, and their reverses are mostly creations of the dark regions in the space intervening the desires and expectations on one plane and of fulfilment, or extinction thereof, on the other. The stronger the materialism grew up, the greedier, the more envious, inimical, the more plundering and the more wolf – like, each group or nation became towards its weaker neighbors. Untruths, hypocrisies, which are the most handy weapons of satanism would work as best handles, were most intellectually developed their fullest stage, through intellectual expertness. Some nations were ‘overflowed’? with pity, on seeing the religious darkness of the weaker nations. Some made most of discomforts and dirtiness during life – living, some made most of the laziness and science ignorance, about so many valuable solids and liquids, lying dormant and underutilized below their lands. Some made most about the idle lying and dying away of human – bodied physical and intellectual energies. However, all these up-roars of pity and fellow- feeling, with its remedial requirement came to this : ” Let us rule over you, so that we can make you happier.’ Their patent defense became this : ” If a child does not understand its own interest, there is nothing wrong in its being slapped, imprisoned or enslaved.” “If need be, if some children are harassing others constantly, we should make quite a short work and a clean slate, by permanently removing them through their destruction. We have explored the easiest methods through atomic energy.” Thus spoke Satan, through stronger nations. This is the whole essence of the materialistic culture and civilization. Pride, power – lust, enjoyment. craving, greed, sex-infatuation, all intermingled, have turned the world’s brain; especially of the biggest powerful nations, most lunatically. The pitiable creature of men, with no sun – rising surety about anything, in respect of oneself or the world, has been suffering of a delirium, with the rebelliousness to dethrone the highest almighty God, the creator of universes, under its drunkenness of ignorance, evil and devilish satanism.

The best intellectual dramatic managers have engaged all actors, singers and dancers, and have also managed to secure the largest audience.But they have ignored, insulted, and interned the electric power – house – in-charges and the supreme Theater – Owner. All best things have been so very intellectually explored and invented. However none knows, when the indispensable element of life and light fails, especially, light. When none can tolerate another; being absorbed in the pig – life, what else can be the end ? except anarchy and mutual massacre ? The whole world or any nation, that has cut itself off from the eternal source of divinity, is destined for degeneration, decay and death.
Fewest countable eyes of deep religious thinkers have opened up and they have, as stated before, begun to realise the need of justice, virtue, morality and of what they nominally call universal religion’, world religion ‘or scientific religion ‘, etc. That is surely a happy forward step, towards the truest civilization, and solid real progress of the whole humanity. The next requirement, however, is that of the illumination, leading through experiences, to the conviction of the next truth viz., that “religion” is nothing without, what is Mai – ism’s most favourite term,” religiosity”, which means the actual attainment of the religious stage, on living out religion. Any number of mere congresses, or any amount of wealth, over preaching and publications has no transcendental results, as the world has seen. We need a much higher outlook. as much near the universal outlook as possible, at least, appreciated by each one of every living being. We require, as Mai-ism most emphatically states, many times much better man to-man relationship; we require superior sense of practicing and remunerating justice, virtue and character, and here really the rulers, with all worldly powers, are more than fully, responsible.
Nothing can be more impracticable, than a kingdom without a king. Police departments, detectives, educationists, courts, jails, etc. are mere phantoms without the law enforcer. The most heroic militarist will die. The highest moralist will die. God and religion are the only eternal guarantees, for all rewards of every one’s goodness, when the world turns a deaf ear.
Let me proclaim to the modern swollen-headed world “ there is God and that God does not die “; “all the goodness,selflessness, self service, sacrifice, sympathy, done to God’s and especially Universal Mother Mai’s any child, any moment and anywhere all on universe, shall not remain unrewarded “.
Well, that is Mai-ism. It hammers the truth of truths. You cannot fight your enemies, through mere air – bubble castles, of what the world has been babbling since 1893, with the fruitless words of a Universal Religion, without a word about the indispensable Universal God. Naturally enough, Universal Religion, if it has to act, as an antidote against the invisible poison of bitterness and hatred, prevalent amongst individual religions, is required to be as full-fledged as any individual religion, with all its limbs fully existent and developed, and all its wings and faculties, sufficiently powerful.
The most familiar conception of God is the parental one. Advocates of philosophy, theism, scriptural study, occultism, etc, form only a very small percentage of the whole living world population. On the other hand, Even a child can most easily understand and follow your teachings, when you picturize God by stating “God is to you and every human being, as your own mother or father is, on raising her or him to the plane of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, etc.” Parental conception has a surety of love, protection, true guidance, forgiveness, and all the highest, that any human being, groping in the dark needs, desires and craves for. Parental conception is not a dry distant conception of abstract ness and unconcern.
The last words of His Holiness, Pope John XXIII, before he passed away from this world on 3rd June, 1963, as his confessor, Rev. Msgr. Alfredo Cavagna told newsmen were : “Mater Med (Mother Mine ), as I read in the most renowned paper” Hindu” of Madras, ( 6th June, 1963,)

There are fewest really greatest men, who don’t have as great a value for their mother as for their father, especially in the realm of religious, spiritual and inspirational powers.
Mother Mary, if universalized, and raised infinitely above the narrowed down limitation of Christians, and especially of the Roman Catholics, is the Universal Mother Mai of Mai – ism. Mother Mary, transcended beyond all limitations, and universalized, is Mai. On the other hand. Mai individualized, limited to and obsessed with Christianity, is Mother Mary.
If we go on agreeing step by step, to the further need beyond a universal religion, of the universal God, and next agree, that the parental conception of God alone, can be the most efficient conception, the fight of the fatherhood or motherhood is only quite a merely nominal difference, just as in the home itself. Foolish little – sensed children may fight over it. Till now, the world has known mostly the fatherhood of God, and if at all, Mother’s importance has been felt, She has been given only a subordinate position. That the world cannot do without the motherhood conception is evident from the fact, stated on page 22 of the “Mother’s Message ” viz., that * Buddhism in China saw the need of creating a ‘Kwan – Yin’ Buddha – a female Buddha-a Mother Buddha, as Goddess of Mercy and the hearer of world’s prayers.”

Even though in the first place, Mai – ism believes, that there is no such thing, as some one being, as the universal Father and some second being as the Universal Mother, and although it is so very clearly expressed, that God is sexless, and Universal Mother is the same as Universal Father, and further, that the difference is not of the name or sex, but that of the working psychology, that enables one to achieve the goal, (please read the first five pages of “Mai Sahasranama”), more considerations are required to be recorded here, in favour of the Motherhood conception, as under :
On the basis of the very first thoughts and experiences, does it require any great proof to show that mother is the first parent, to whom every human being is indebted, for the phenomenon of one’s very birth? Whom does any child know first? Who gives nourishment to life, even before birth? Who constantly broods ) Who constantly watches? Who constantly protects? The tortoise owes its life to its brooding mother; the chicken to the hatching mother; and the fish to the gazing mother and the ungrateful man to the carrying mother. None can know the ailment and the language of the child, but mother; none can best decide the digestive diet and the relieving remedy, as mother. Father is the one whom mother first introduces as father. We have heard of several men born without a father, but none without a mother. In the matter of dealing with humanity, father is justice and mother is mercy.

Is not the conception of the motherhood so very exalted and unassailable, that no thinking man can discard it, as having no locus – standi? Can any impartial and just religious man relegate the said conception to a secondary position? Does not this conception eclipse all other conceptions, and especially that of the man’s physical strength superiority, made most of by the world, till now? Is it not natural that the said conception would be welcomed, with the quickest, most wonderful, and most amazing response, even by God Almighty Himself or Herself, and greeted in the matter of its acceptance, if fullest most impartial consideration is given to the indisputable standing fact, viz. that more than half the whole humanity comprises of mothers, sisters, wives and daughters ?
As stated in “ Mother’s Message”, “Does it not look, as if we are under the vast transformation, and need now, to be under a changed government ? Does it not look, as if everyone is being driven from within, to break down the old world and reconstruct a new one, and is not practically every one revolting to throw off the old yoke ? Do we not feel a discontented cry for an outright change? Is not woman rushing forth into much greater prominence and power ? Mai-ism believes (Mother’s Message page 27 ) the greater the motherhood manifestations, the lesser the brutalities of mankind.

The conception of the Motherhood of God is so very exalted and sublime, that no conscientious person, with impartiality and grateful magnanimity would have the idea of discarding it, as having no claim for acceptance, or even of confining it only to the secondary subordinated position. In the matter of discrimination and decision on this question, the man world has made most of man’s superiority of intellect and physical strength, perhaps through the ignorance of the invisible working, that governs the universe, or through implied mutual consent of man and woman, due to forces of circumstances. Internal working values and intuitive emotional inspirational faculties, etc. of woman have remained un-fathomed, or, have been at least entirely disregarded or unrecognized, or ignored. God being sexless, or both – sexed, or above sex, Motherhood of God has one greatest point, democratically, in its favour, viz., that more than half the whole humanity comprises of mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. It is they, who are really responsible administrators and creators of homes, which alone, are the Elysiums in this world, now and here, for any the best of men.
Love is only a part of man, but everything of woman; and if man knows the technique of keeping up the woman’s love at the highest apex, and transforms her to be the equally efficient complimentary part of himself, by sublimating her morally, religiously and spiritually, through familiarization, instruction and advanced knowledge, in respect of external experience, man will find Motherhood of God to be the most peaceful and more happiness – generating ideal, than that of the Fatherhood of God.

That is so, because Mother is Love and Mercy and God has always been identified with Love. None has heard of God being described as the greatest machinery – inventor or heroic conqueror or atom-bomb originator or an intellectual genius. If God is Love, and if at least now, when the world has become most consolidated, our religious goal has to be that of creating a universal family, living with mutual service and sacrifice, in unity, to have peace, prosperity and happiness. Mai – ism does deserve fullest consideration, as it has been asserting its conviction, viz., that Motherhood of God is the highest humanity – welfare – conferring conception.

Man came into being from Mother Earth, and to Mother Earth, he has to return. Woman gives life to man and it is woman that, in one sense, takes out life of man, as well. Woman is a man’s temporary slayer or submerger or permanent savior, according to the woman is trained and maintained to be. If we dive yet further deep, taking the whole history of any man soul, even while working as a slight temporary slayer or submerger, the woman – soul has been a blessing in disguise, to the man – soul. Vice-versa is true, as well, on higher planes.

Of course, finally, every opinion would vary with individual experience. All the same, it is to be noted that all prevalent deductions of man – woman relations have been made, and suggested from man’s view – point only. Mai – ism takes the most impartial view, and not simply the one-sided one. Mai-ism studies and tries to solve the problem,” not simply, how woman can be made serviceable to man, but also how should man deal with woman, for the best happiness of both”. Mai-ism wishes and it is very desirable that from a woman’s point of view as well, there be quite a similar summing up, about the best mutual relations of man and woman. The most efficient course therefore, would be to train up both man and woman, to believe that both, although casually temporary, and sometime in some few cases, slayers or submerges of each other, both are in the end, and in the continued history of both, as souls, permanent saviours of each other.
As stated on page 658 in “ Mai – ism”, it is the highest and most wonderful force of sex-attraction, that trains a savage man and an ever-changeful emotional woman to be a He-Deity and a She Deity respectively, in the course of their mutual living, greatly influenced by bitter and sweet experiences. And at the end of their religious developments during lives after lives, both get deified, and both approach Mai, as much nearest, as each one deserves.

Thus Mai – ism emphasises three truths :

(1) Each one’s pin-pricking and nagging, or ill-treating and neglecting is, in the long run, a blessing in disguise.
(2) Each one consciously or unconsciously develops and transforms the other to be a He or She deity, and therefore, Mai – ism insists on
(3) the full belief and practical living of the spiritual co-equal status of both man and woman.

The Final-most Highest temporary slayer or submerger, on the one hand, but Permanent Saviour, on the other, is One Alone : MAAI. And it is therefore, that Mai – ists daily repeat” Maaraka Taaraka Eka Maai” ( Slayer or saviour of mine, Thou art One Alone, Oh Mai.) Woman is in her inherent nature, the miniature of Mai. Whether a woman is looked upon as mother, or as the centre of all sexual and sensual enjoyments, makes the whole North Pole and South Pole difference. Woman or a wife often on certain occasions acts as best as a mother. Wife has to play her part as mother, minister, dependent or damsel, etc. It is in these varied most efficient capacities, that mothers, parents, elders, husbands, ( all, if of higher plane ), moralists, educationists, poets, writers and reformers, and finally religious teachers, gurus, sages, and saints, have to train, maintain and transform woman, as stated before, with the very same importance, if not greater than in the case of man, to make up and minimize the intervening region of incongruities between both.

The Women have been Helen, Menaka and Cleopatra. Woman has been Magdalene and woman has been merciful and interceding Mother Mary, as well. Woman has been the indispensable Buddha Mother, Kwan – Yin. Woman, as mother, has been what her pettest children have desired her to be. Woman has been ever ready to be what man has desired her to be. This nature of hers, is not an outcome of any actual weakness or inferiority complex of subordination, but that of her inherent nature as “ woman”, so purposefully and miraculously devised by Mother Mai. Woman all along believes. that the highest blessedness of her life and living, is to be consummated, by remaining merged in the mutual love ocean, either of man and woman relationship, or that of mother and child, or that of devotion and self – surrender to one’s God.

By their very inherent nature, women are made by Mai for love, beauty, mercy, heart, etc., and men for wisdom, truth, justice, head, etc. The state of their mutual fitting-in is happiness and perfection of both.

This is, how Maiji has analysed the sex problem ( summarized from pages 651 to 663 of chapter 12 of “Mai – ism”.). In one word, Mai – ism is for spiritual, co – equal status of man and woman. It does not waste its energy over foolish questions of superiority or inferiority, justifications of conditional requirements in past, or injustice to women. Mai-ism advises, starting with a clean new slate, without entering into the past history, and getting confused, in midst of so many contradicting versions of different varieties. A bad woman is a poison and a good woman is a nectar. She is the minimizers and maximizers of man’s faculties, powers, values and worth, and of man’s living and life. This is Maiji’s personal belief, which is in no way, in the least, binding on any of the Mai – ists. Maiji believes, that there is an extremely mysterious force, divine law and invisible and incomprehensible arrangement, and that is ever in constant actual operation, designed for the progressive, wise, and evolutionary welfare conferring aim, end and purpose of both man and woman and the world in general.

Maiji does not agree, even to the extent of an iota, with the newly sprung up class, that shouts with the accusation that man has exploited woman. That is only a cry of rebelliousness and libertinism, of the self – vanity-pampering, and self-seeking for securing maximum worldly individual happiness, or a cry out of a class – war passion. It is not the impartial or wise decision of the parental Mai-istic attitude, that is interested equally in man and woman, nor of the seers and sages, equally worried in respect of both man and woman, with foresight about their present and future. Mutual happiness and unification of man and woman, has been very strongly advocated under Mai -ism, through mutual worship on sacred days. It is again restated here, that these are Maiji’s convictions, and they are not at all binding on any Mai – ist.

It is a woman who can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell for man, herself, and the entire family. Maiji has such a strong conviction in the matter of this most mysterious truth, that he has convened on Dassera days (proceedings in English, and under strict Purdah) sisters’ socials of all women of all religions, for offering prayers together, as daughters of the Universal Mai and therefore religious sisters, for the greatest grace showers of Mother Mai, all over the world, without any distinction of class, creed, colour, community, country, nation or religion. (Sisters’ socials were held in Poona, Madras, Calicut. Trichur, Trivendrum and Ernakulum (Cochin).

The newest idea, of holding sisters’ socials of women of all religions, and in strict Purdah with no man, not even a male child, has a most mysterious importance, in the building of the new world’s psychology, in respect of man and woman relationship, which few-est can realise. In fact, Maiji is of opinion, that any religion, which aspires to be a universal one, must accept the Mai -istis principle of spiritual co-equal status of man and woman. If that is not accepted and practised in daily life, Maiji says, that it is impossible for any soul bird, to rise heavenwards in evolution. It would be losing its balance, on having to fly with its two wings, that are unequal, or with the left woman wing subordinated to the right man wing.

In the Trichur Sisters’ Social, held on 4th October 1957, Dassera Day, this point was made fully clear by Maiji, after the Purdah Sisters’ Social meeting was declared as dispersed. That was the special desire of the audience of sisters, which, having remained same (wholly undiminished ), prevailed upon and pressed Maiji to address them, especially on the said point, of the Mai – istic man & woman relationship. In his address, Maiji began by stating it most lamentingly, with tears in his eyes, that he so much prostrated, prayed and demanded it, from the audience of all sisters, that there be no chance of any accursed day in future, as a result of the present sisters and their descendants growing rebellious, tyrannical, possessive and enslaving, to such an abnormal, man-harassing extent, that the man – world of posterity would be cursing Mai-ism and its Founder, (most beloved Maiji of Kerala sisters ), for having upheld the cause of woman. Quickly, the sisters responded and shouted out, “No, Maiji, no, we promise and swear, such a day will never be.” As there is another side to every problem, Maiji is insisting on mutual worship of man and woman, with the importance, which is much greater than even the sisters’ social itself. For all times, let it be before mind, that Mai and Maiji, both, are “ Mother” to both sisters and brothers. Let it be clear, Maiji is not a modern social reformer, advocating the cause of woman-kind alone. Maiji is for the best mutual relations of both man and woman, as therein alone lies peace and happiness. Maiji is for filling up the woman valley, and not for creating through aggressions and accretions, a formidable feminine mountain, overpowering and subjugating, and tyrannically ruling the male world.

Regarding the general cry of great injustice to womankind, let us not forget, ours are only inferences, and they are mostly based on exaggerated, distorted and sometimes only exceptional, events and facts. Modern outlook and mentality is entirely different from the past. In the past, protection and maintenance had the greatest practical value, just as we have courtesy, chivalry in our own times, for etiquette, liberty, freedom, and independence. All the same, judging from what our mentality is today, it must be conceded, that speaking generally, injustice towards women has long and largely prevailed. Woman, generally till now has been subjected to more or less subordination, injustice, docility, humility and humiliation; and it is therefore, that Mai – ism intercedes on woman’s behalf, in upholding their cause, under entirely changed conditions. On the other hand, if at all, any time, woman becomes hot – headed, selfish, proud, and possessive, certainly, Mai-ism shall have to be taking up with the same force, the next just cause of the man – world, as well. That is so, because, to Mai and Maiji, both females and males, daughters and sons, are equally dear.

What Mai – ism has so often most emphatically taught, is that all satanism of the notion of inferiority of woman and superiority of man, should go. Much though the male would deny, there has been all over the world, at least, the most universally established psychological inherited abnormal mentality, viz that of the woman’s inferiority. Who would deny even today ? that the birth of a girl is not greeted as happily, as that of a son ? It is a recorded fact, that the birth of a girl in some countries, was once, a day of lamentation. Religions have also, set too high a value to the masculine superiority. Maiji says, that from times immemorial, this was accepted, most likely, because of the superiority of man’s physical prowess, in an age when physical, military, and brute strength was indispensable for the safety, especially of women, and of the families, communities, and countries. On the other hand, we cannot ignore certain facts, when the modern woman resentfully raises the issues of injustice, inferiority, inequality and in fewest cases, even inhumanity. Religiously, Eve has been depicted only as an appendage to Adam, and woman has been stated to have been created from one of the ribs of man. Under the Ow Testament, a husband could divorce his wife, by merely signing a document. For the man it was quite enough, if he took full custody of the children, and promised maintenance to the woman. Socially, the custom of polygamy lowered the status of woman, and here too religion made most about the sonless or childless persons’ life beyond. The harems of Muslims reduced the status of women, by keeping them in self – development – preventing solitary seclusion. Taking at least the modern secular view, it must be regretfully stated that Hindus, so very enthusiastic, in blowing their own trumpets, had in the past, customs of forced widowhood in higher communities, and several instances of self-burning satees, which drove many women, and especially the queens, sometimes against their own will, to ascend the funeral pyre of their most beloved king husbands. As unwelcome babies, involving economic ruin, some communities had the practice of immersing newly born girls in milk, till death. All these, although, superficial facts of past, do, forcefully drive all impartial men and women to admit the imputation, under consideration, viz in respect of the pre-domination of the superiority of the masculine element. At least in the Past. Surely, these details are not for creating a feeling of vengeance. Past is the past. Let man and woman be wiser from today, at least those, that are Mai-ists. Let me remind, the molding forces of whole humanity, originate from God and Religion, alone.

Maiji wants you to take the most considerate, noblest view, viz., that there might have been, or even now, there may be hundreds of reasons and justifications for the superiority of man in certain societies; but yet, at least principally, the general fact remains, that man’s superiority and women’s inferiority have been there since centuries, actually in vogue. As stated by the advocates of woman franchise, there are recorded facts, which go to show that repeated demands for equality of all men never included any consideration whatever of the feminine rights. Woman’s problems were never given an independent, individual thought based on justice and fairness. Woman remained and lived, as “included in man”. Even in the United States, as, Maiji has read, females were barred from franchise until 1920. And in England itself, it was only in 1918, that women were first admitted to the franchise. Even now, it is not impossible to find in some countries, the treatment meted out to women, being reminiscent of the past periods of slavery.

However, Maiji calls upon you, sisters and daughters, not to pull the world to be reduced to be still worse, from the frying pan into the fire. Please, for Mai’s and Maiji’s sake, fully understand what Mai-ism and Maiji teaches. Maiji wants you to refer to the “ Woman’s Status ‘ in ” Mai Sahasranama” Vol. I, page 21.

Mai – ism is for increasing the spirit of Love, Service, Devotion and Cheerful Self- surrender of each other, as between a wife and husband. Neither imitation, competition, non-co-operation, nor distrust rivalry discontent and disunion. Neither woman nor man should be a mere morsel of food, merely, to satisfy sexual hunger. We do not want the sexual lust to predominate, and temporary unification out of helplessness and physical indispensable need. We do not want faddish woman – absorbed poets, who would make women their finalmost goddesses, and of whom they would remain only quite unworthy useless worshippers. We do not want villains, who pamper and placate women with praises and finally ruin them. Mai – ism does not approve modern western psychologists’ emphasis on women’s role in life, only as a sexual object. That sort of mentality is most harmful to both man and woman, as it reduces woman’s spiritual, and religious status, dignity and divinity. Mai -ism does not want men that are beauty – hunters, nor women that are gold-diggers.

Similarly, we do not want women to assume the role of goddesses, expecting or encouraging and receiving attention and worship from romantic poets, or uxorious or domineered intimidated husbands. Neither do we want women to their innate, infatuating powers, over victims of sensuousness for gratification of their voluptuous cravings or for enjoyment of well pleasures. We do not want experienced cunning men and white to tempt or entice or subjugate innocent inexperienced women and men. Mai – ism is entirely displeased with the living of an enchantress, who entices men for gratification of physical cravings Mai -ism never expects women to turn tyrannical and strike terror in the minds of men, and reduce their lives to abject misery of refined civilized slavery. Mai – ism does not want either men to enslave women, or women to enslave men. In one word, What Mai-ism enunciates is the spiritual co-equal status of both men and women, by a happy blending of the apparently paradoxical rights of both. Mai – ism does not approve of any injustice, that might have been meted out to women in the past. At the same time. Mai jsm does not expect women to avenge, for the past. While Mai.ism appeals to women to forgive and forget and nurse no more any ill – will against men for the past injustice, it calls upon men to deviate from the trodden path of subjugating women, and to recognize and inculcate the spiritual co-equal status of man, and woman. Mai ism wants man and woman to bury the past, start afresh with new values of unselfishness, and un-possessiveness, on each requirement of each one’s duties and obligations, which are quite different from the past undesirable and misunderstood standards. Let each one’s living be guided and enlightened, on the basic belief of the universal dictum, which the Universal Religion of Mai – ism has laid down, viz., the spiritual co-equal status of both man and woman, under which neither man nor woman is superior or inferior to the other, along with the said principal tenets of love and service. Mother Mai is pleased with such of the male and female Mai devotees, as remain entirely faithful to their respective family duties, disciplines and traditional sacred customs and conventions.

As is fully known to all Mai’s names repeaters – devotees, Mother is Suvaasinyarchanapreetaa and Lokayaatraa Vidhaayini, as also Kuloddhaarini.
Suvaasini – Archana : Under the name “Suvaasini…”, Mother’s name ( No. 711), the comment to be read on page 9 of part IV of Mother’s Thousand Names, Vol. Il runs as under:

Mother’s female devotees must be carriers and creators of happiness. To all, they should live like the most beautiful and fragrant flowers, that spread their fragrance of hilarity, purity and divinity, all around them.
Mother is most pleased with those female devotees, that give maximum happiness to others, as daughter, wife, mother, or family member woman, neighbour, hostess, kind mistress to servants, patroness, donoress, etc.
Their above said noblest fulfilment is in itself, and by itself, accepted as quite a satisfactory worship ( archana ), by Mai, and as much superior to any mere routine ceremonious temple or image worship. Woman has the inherent quality of bringing happiness and hence, Mother is most pleased with such female devotees, as by their very presence, sweet speech and service, make all miseries forgotten, and with them, that spread the fragrance of their silent virtue and self – sacrifice.

Lokayaatraa : The name ” Lokayâtrâ (No. 285)” has been referred to on page 183 of Mother’s Thousand Names, Part II, Vol. I. It conveys Mother’s promise of dexterously managing the worldly relations, duties and maintenance, and smooth running of the worldly life, etc., of all Her devotees, by various unseen and unknown and mysterious external and internal adjustments. This is evidently true, about all devotees – males and females, or man and woman. Of course, as explained above, under Suvaasini…. The credit and responsibility of individual or family or household happiness, falls to the share of female devotees.

Kuloddhaarini : Further consideration brings us to the conception of a family. Man and woman, in course of time. th eternal divine process of the former – stated mutual sex-attraction to be husband and wife, and later, become and are termed fathe mother, on having the progeny of children – sons and daughters. The group or set consisting of the father, mother and children makes up a family, spoken of as “ Kula, ” under Mai – ism literature.

Mother Mai, with reference to a Kula or a family, on Mai being accepted and installed as the family goddess, that is surrendered to, worshipped, prostrated to, with names – repetitions, introspection, Guru- contact, etc., and on the preliminary advanced plane, specially propitiated through mutual worship* by husbands and wives in the family, and finally through a sexual un-contaminated mutual mental and heart worship, becomes Kuloddhaarini – the saviour of the family, in all aspects of misery – removals and happiness and grace – showers, of both, principally of this world, as also in other worlds, beyond and after this life.
This process is so very beautifully described in Mai – names with words in one couplet as:

Kuladevi Kulaanganaa Kulaantasthaa, Kulayogini Kulottirnnaa, Kulataarini, Kuloddhaarini.
Once Mai is accepted as the family goddess (kula.devi), first thing She does, is to sublimate the women ( anganaa ) individualities of the Kula, i.e. family, (kulaanganaa), as that is the most solid foundation of the family and its happiness. Next, Mai always stands firm ( sthaa ) with the family, whenever in (anta ) i.e. calamities and critical situations. (Kulaantasthaa). Next, Mai works as the best unifier (kula – yogini), as the reconciler, not only of the various members of the family itself, but also as the affiliator, in respect of most agreeable and worthy outside families, to be closely connected, through friends or relatives or new relations through marriages etc. Further, Mai sees that the family gets passed through (kulo-ttirnaaa ), all examinations and tests, ‘as the summum bonum of all Mai’s grace, in every detailed working and management. The accumulative result, is that the whole family as one unit, gets raised and raised, in all respects ( kula – taarini), and finally all the members of the family, that have accepted Mai as family goddess, and are devoted and surrendered to Mai, soon have the experience of visualizing Mai, with experience, as their final most Savior, (Kuloddhaarini).

For an extremely clear devotional understanding, as to how, Mai makes the devotees’ heart Her own home, how She accompanies them wherever they are, or they go, and how finally, Mai begins, actually residing in the family house, or temple etc., of Her devotees, please read Phala Shruti (recollection of benefits and be beginning from Page 135, Vol. II, Part IV:

As male and female Mai-ists repeat during Mai worship and  mutual worships, there is the most powerful auto – suggestion to her in respect of their perfect unification, through the repetition of the following mantra:
Pati Patni, Shiva Shakti, Maai – Kripayad, Eka Eka. Husband ( and ) wife, be they like Shiva and Shakti, by Mai’s Grace. one one.
Be They Like Shiva Shakti, by Mai’s Grace, One, One.

As explained on Page 46 of Part 1 of Vol. i of Mather’s Thousand Names, Mai is the finalmost God, element or entity, that is divisible into two halves, viz., passivity and activity, or love and power, or to use the Hinduism personified phraseology, Shiva and Shakti respectively. The happiest condition arises, when Mai is conceived as Mai is conceived as final – most one alone, being the Mother of (1) Shiva, who has who has Shakti in His heart and ( 2 ) Shakti, who has Shiva in Her heart. Shiva is absorbed in meditation of Shakti, and Shakti is restlessly active, for the purposes of burying Shiva in the joy of pleasures of Her making. Mai – ism establishes between the husband and wife, through mutual worship, the divine relationship of the worshiper and the worshipped, alternately,

Mai-ism wants Mai -ists, both females and males, to ever bear it in mind, that the woman is a greater slayer or a greater savior of man (through mind, heart and soul) than the man is of the woman off by common spiritual religious or moral working of both together, say ten thousand units of advancement are achievable, they should be utilized to the benefit of the lesser developed consort soul that is found weaker in any particular aspect, so that the difference of the two planes be minimized. As it is, such commonly – achieved high-planed differences minimisation gives peace and happiness to both, and the whole family.

It most silently trains up the younger ones, as they mould themselves and march, in parents’ footsteps, being most silent and keen observant and automatically parents – imitating children and babies, most nobly.

It is this psychological truth of truths viz. that the final peace and happiness of any nation, country, community or Family depends on woman’s greatness, virtue, morality, religiosity and spirituality, that Mai – ism has so very emphatically and preferentially advocated the cause of woman, to train them to be much superior saviors, of at least their families. The modern world, with its new materialistic civilization, has seen a little of the sparkling exterior of the said truth, but the all – told outlook being of the selfish individualistic materialistic and godless irreligious nature, the world has been marching forward on the ruinous paths of believing sameness of man & woman, regarding their inherent natures, their education, ways of living thinking and feeling, resulting in worst competition, bitterness, divorce, non-co-operation, class war – burning, substitution of the divine connubial love by mere body and flesh lust etc. However, after all, We can take consolation under the idea that the world is progressing ahead.

Unfortunately, the world is so very obstinate, that it never accepts any new truth, explained in advance, unless it has stumbled, fallen and bruised its nose, and until it has gone through the furnace-heat of innumerable, unbearable bitter-most experiences. Mai – ism fully recognizes the co-equal status, but does not ignore the basic fundamental fact of their inherent separate natures, designed by Almighty, for the purposes of each one helping the other, as the complementary part, to attain human perfection.

Mai-ism wants all women to eradicate completely, all consciousness of any injustice (if at all), that might have been done to them in the past. We know nothing about the reasons, conditions, justifications and the actual internal reverences and valuable services in return, which males might have rendered, to deserving females. We have no idea of, how far men were obliging, and obedient, behind the curtains.

Anyway, let bygones be bygones. First, let us accept and Mai-ism, the spiritual co-equal status of man and woman. not either man or woman forget to abide by the noblest Mai-istic dictum of spiritual co – equal status of man and woman. Mai-ism enjoins, maintaining ever awake, the most clear conception, that the fields of activities and capacities of both man and woman an practically quite separate as head and heart. There is nothing more foolish than to draw comparisons, as between an expert of literature and of science, or as between a saint and a politician. Let each man and woman fully study the inherent nature of each other and be a good deal much more blind and more kind, in respect of each other’s weaknesses and in-capacities. Mai – ism does not approve woman’s new craving to be man-like, under the new spirit of rebellious independence. In fact, that is only a civilized servility and tempting flattery. Mai – ism would like women to develop their sublime feminine qualities, virtues, capacities, and to achieve feminine masteries subtleties and sublimities. Man has to evaluate woman through the tests of women’s subjects alone. Similarly, woman has to evaluate man, on the basis of men’s own subjects. Each one has to judge best and form an estimation of another, in the legitimate region of spontaneity and naturalness.
The final requirement Mai – ism most emphatically lays every stress upon, is the mutual worship with Love, Service, Devotion and Cheerful Self – Surrender to each other. Remember, Mai’s Grace smoothens all misery, on generating the bearing power and patience, and on minimizing suffering, through hopefulness and mental absorption and spiritual strength. It is only Mai’s grace, that does and can create and transform poison injection into poison proofness. Once all the weaknesses and vices are conquered by any individual, as stated in Mai – ism, the last straw that breaks the camel’s back is the sexual, most natural attraction. Sexual attraction is the most merciful Mai’s un-fathomed mystery, which deifies man or woman, through the grace of God and Guru. The most terror – striking most envious or possessive wife or husband, puts the other into a fire of purification, in which all lingering lurking desires of sexual impulses are completely burnt away. This is not true for one and all. Bad things may become worse as well. And therefore for this, Mai’s mercy and Maiji’s grace, or God’s mercy and Guru’s grace are indispensable. The flesh-born sex – impulse is sublimated into the spiritual love – impulse, only through the grace of the Guru and mercy of God. Thus, man and woman become fully unified and their perfect unification in the Lotus Feet of Mai or Maiji, not only paves the way, but also opens out an avenue, for permanent peace, prosperity, and happiness
Maiji implicitly believes, and emphatically asserts, that Mai conception of God is most supreme; most exalted, and most sublime and unparalleled. In ultimate words, Father is law, light and justice. Mother is love, mercy and protection. And “Mai” conception includes the other two conceptions of “Mother-Father” and “Father Mother”, both, as well. Thus, Mai-ism completely solves the conflict, which in its simplest form, is only a mere man-made paradoxical tangle of two conceptions. Both ideologies of Father and Mother stand harmonised in the one unique parental whole ideology of Mai, under Universal Mai-ism.
One of the mystic Christian prophesies states the inviolable truth: “The reign of the Holy Spirit (Mother) is at hand. The reign of the father is past and the reign of the son is passing.”

Mai-ism, being entwined round the most merciful parent, has its greatest appropriateness in this age of bomb-war fare, cruel capitalism, lawless labor, godless communism, national wolfish-ness, racial ruthlessness and enslaving passion.

Mai-ism feels, the universe is changing from God’s one aspect to another. With an outright change, in the approach aspect of God, from fatherhood to motherhood, Mai-ism is sure about the gushing forth of the new creative tremendous forces, of new enthusiasm, ardor, zeal, vigor, and vitality, from the innermost hearts of really religious souls, who are at present paralyzed under the chaotic conditions of individual religions, with amplest justification for a general nausea against “religion”.

Nothing is more obvious, than that with the change of ruler-ship, the whole mentality of the ruled immediately transforms itself. With the change in the most prevalent mentality, the ways of believing and living, also change. The rules and regulations change, and even religion changes. As a corollary, its summarisation, codification, interpretation, and comment changes. The final outcome is that, the whole outlook on life most automatically and quite imperceptibly changes enormously. Were not Muslims and Britishers looked upon and revered, so many times more worthy than during other normal periods, when India was under the rulership of the Moghals and the rule of the Britishers? Womankind is sure to receive a great uplift, on the conception of the motherhood of God gaining more and more ground. Mother, being equally the mother of Her sons and daughters, of both sexes, asserts and ensures the Mai-ism common-plane truth, viz., that of the spiritual and religious co-equal status of man and woman.

Anyone who, without self-infatuation and prejudice reads Mai-ism, will at once see, that there is nothing like bad blood being in the hearts of Mai-ists, against any other religionists, or, say Fai-ists. And that is so because religiously, and also practically, Mai-ists believe, “There is nothing like one God as a father, and second one, as a mother.” The very same one Almighty is believed by and appears to some as “Father” and to some as “Mother”. In fact, the quarrel originates not from the differences of beliefs, but from the worldly and selfish interests of the representatives of each belief, and here therefore it becomes necessary to mention practically truly guiding principles and facts about Mai-ism.

Mai-ism does not lay any claim for any Nobel Prize for any research in religion. It does not aspire to be the possessor of a patent. It welcomes any new Founder of a Universal Fai-ism. As Mai-Swarupa, the Founder has so often stated all abroad, the aim and object of Mai-ism is the consolidation of all truly universal religionists. under one common banner of a Universal God. Man-ism is for the federation of all individual religions: Mai-ism is for maintaining the full integrity of every individual religion, with the very same powers and possessions, of the heads of each religion: Mai-ism is for establishing religious universal training universities; Mai-ism is for the principle of democracy, but not for demonocracy with its hypocrisies, falsehoods, abuses and exploitations.

Mai-ism is for arriving at any decisions, after full consultation and deliberation, of not one-sided but all-sided views, beliefs, experiences, opinions and propositions Mai-ism appreciates the common sharing principle, but not restricted only to a limited portion of humanity and not without the full consideration of the actual worth and indispensable need and worth of each individual, and surely not without a natural acceptance of non-violence, value of human life as being much higher than mere herds, and not under the stark ignorance of other worlds and without the idea of everyone’s answerability for one’s desires, thoughts and actions, to some higher power that governs the universe. In one word, Mai-ism places all conceivable and possible stress on conscience-prick, against violence, in-jury to human life and against rebellious godlessness.

(18) True Mai-ists know through experience that the secret of attaining mastery is Recapitulation and Repetition. That alone is the invisibly working principle for attaining mastery, practised by the whole world. I am sure, true Mai-ists will not mind, repetition of the same notions, while I recapitulate as below:
Today, the world is beset with misery, famine, earthquake, impending wars, conquests, and devastation, because we have thrown overboard, all our allegiance to the Creator and Disposer of human destinies. While all the best religious thinkers have agreed that a universal religion is the only remedy for pacification of all dissension and warfare, they have been unable to reach the required heights in their research, in consonance and proportionate with the general progress of the world. That is so, because even the deepmost thinking of religion itself is devoid of the required spiritual strength, of overleaping the remotest boundaries of materialism, and solving the problem in the most appropriate manner, with self less religious approach. Judging a tree by the fruit it bears, it is evident, that even while the greatest religious thinkers have come to the inevitable conclusion, that the one and only remedy for all the ills of the world is a Universal Religion, there is something missing, something wrong somewhere, obstructing the solution.

(19) Despite all the Parliaments and Conferences held for the preaching of the Universal Religion, what the world has seen, has been the most horrible devastations caused by the two World Wars, with the third one impending over the world’s head, like a hanging sword.
so Where is the flaw ? It is here: Without actually living the life of a universal religionist, characterized by definiteness of what the universal religion means, without the actual installation of a Universal God, of a universally acceptable conception, all talk and only intellectually derived decisions about a universal religion, is nothing more than, mere soap bubbles paper boats or castles in the air.

(20) So long as there is no recognition of the universal parenthood of either Universal Mother or Universal Father, all expectations of sympathy, attention, co-operation, unity, peace, prosperity, etc. through the propagation of universal brotherhood alone, is in vain. As made clear by Mai-ism, mere emphasis in the negative aspect of a Universal Religion, with very general instructions, not to make any distinction between different individual religions, has no spiritual sanction behind it. That divine sanction with spiritual – power – infusion is indispensable for a universal religion, if it is to operate as an antidote against the poison of individual religions. A universal religion, therefore, is required to be at least as full-fledged as any individual religion, although it may take decades, quarters of centuries, or centuries, to develop and reach that stage and goal. What is required under a universal religion is righteous living, sympathy for and co-operation with righteousness, virtue, best character, spirit of service, sacrifice, love, devotion, and self-surrender.

(21) It is for the filling up of the void and for fulfilling the function under the spiritual sanction and to include all the aspects of God and Religion, that the Universal Religion of Mai – ism and the Universal God as Mai, the Universal Mother of all, have been enshrined. MAI – ISM, the Universal Religion was proclaimed in the year 1932 and Mai – ism has passed through the auspicious period of over thirty years by now, (in 1963) while coping with so many difficulties and destructive elements.

(22) As stated on page 445 “Mai – ism”, the task of today for a religious reformer is hard in a hundred ways, vide“ Mai Sahasranama ” (Vol. II, Part III, Introduction on Page II ). The first and foremost work is, that he has to make the world realise that it cannot be happy without truly lived-out religion. He has to strengthen the belief both ways – not only by showing, how religion has come to the aid of mankind, but how highest civilizations, no! based on religion, have been swept away under the degenerating and decaying influences of Time. For the modern age, a mere statement of any reformer about a truth is not enough. He has to introduce the universal outlook in every individual religion. He has to consolidate the wisdom of the past, extracting the essence to the irreducible minimum limit. He has to sift out the gold dust and establish the proper values for essentials and non-essentials of every religion. He has to break monopolies. He has to minimise abuse and exploitation. He has to raise the general level of spiritual understanding, divine knowledge, plain living and high thinking. He has to strengthen the cultural and moral background. He has to root out all mischiefs in the name of religion. He has to lay down best efficacious life routine. He has to think out the best solutions of all new burning questions that have cropped up, and will crop up, as times advance. He has to consider various thirsts and hungers. He has to introduce safety valves and brakes for the good governance of the society and family life.
The religious reformer has to sublimate the energies of various passions. He has to suggest methods of equalisation, to fill in the voids, below a certain minimum standard of living. He has to lay down certain standards for every gradation in life, to prevent enormous, increase or decrease and the very disappearance of any standard whatsoever, which results in turbulent discontent, rebelliousness disparity and the rushing in of degeneration. He has to interweave considerations of this world below and the other world above. He has to create the recognition of the sameness of the Creator, the Created, and the Creation. He has to open the world’s eye to the same one life, animating one and all.

(23) If the world wants to be happy, it must start a searching campaign in every nook and corner of all continents, for saintly souls who are fully universal-minded, to whom all religions are theirs, to whom all peoples of any nation are theirs, to whom the greatest joy is to serve God’s all children, to whom, being in communion with and in the service of God, is the only living. Let A start to find B, who is his equal or superior, and let B find C, his equal or superior, whom A accepts, till there are sufficient saintly souls, linked together in one universal religion’s legion. Let them all unitedly and simultaneously, at the same hour pray and pray to the Almighty – the final-most Mother or Father – for the general welfare of our little light-needing world.
Such self-controlled, universal-minded, God-favored, humanity- welfare worried, selfless high souls of the said “The Nero Universal Saints Order ” alone, can create fully the best legislators, advisers, society formers, society reformers, peacemakers and peace establishers.
At every step, every human being needs an ideal, an adviser, and a consoler. Individuals need one, families need one, continents need one, the whole world needs one.

(24) Maiji as Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of The International Religious Federation (IRF) of Japan, of which he is the Co-founder, with Yonosuke Nakano, the Founder of Ananai Kyo, since 1955, has poured forth his heart through his thesis and articles, in the big eight volumes of the World Religions Congress reports. The Ananai Kyo issue dated January 1958, pp. 40–45, gives the essence of Maiji’s Life-long Aim as under :
“My object has been to collect all views about the need of unification of different Nations and Religions, World Peace, Re – organisation Measures, for increasing general religiosity, and to the giving of higher value to Love and Service, than to so many riff raffs of any Religion. Mai – ism stands for Humanity, Universal – mindedness, Humility, Self-surrender, Morality, Justice, Truth, etc.”
“As I am the follower and devotee of the Universal Mother of all religions and religionists, I am not a valuer or a prize distributor in an exhibition, but I am the gatherer and consolidator of nectar fruits, from any gardens of the whole world. All gardens are finally owned by God Almighty, whose servant and slave, but most beloved and ever pardoned pet creature, I am. I have thrown off all outer skins of different sugarcanes of different countries and I am pressing out their juice, and collecting in a common receptacle, under Mai-ism. I have unified all juices to form one juice, which I invite and welcome all my brothers to share with me, in the sacred memory of one common parentage of ours-one and all of us. UNIVERSAL GOD OF ONE AND ALL, BLESS US ALL.”
” Personally, I think this work has its own uniqueness. It would be more useful work to take up all books of eternities of every religion and to revise and abridge them and to make them appreciative and attractive and handy enough, for the modern leisureless world, without thrusting one’s personal views and comments.”
“I would like to prepare new text books of each Religion, made acceptable to the modern man, on the same basis of Psychology, Rationalism, Universality and Science, as I have tried to formulate Mai – ism, without losing a single gold dust GRAIN. Finally, I would wish to see the enactment of a World-Bible, World-Geeta World-Dhammpaad or World-Quran, etc. for them who have remained discontented, and who have not been satisfied with any one of the so many Religions, each one whereof, was made suitable to a certain mentality of a certain nation, in midst of certain conditions and environments, during a certain age.

(25) It is relevant have to add, that the distinguishing feature of Mai – ism the Universal Religion, entwining round MAI, the Universal Mother of all, is that it not only welcomes all different religions, but also generally recognises and respects all their ways of worships, rights, philosophies, beliefs, etc. etc, Mai-ism repeats the right of everyone of its followers to select one’s own way, for one’s personal, spiritual, evolution. Although there are so many advanced stages under Maj-ism, the requisite qualification for a Mai-ist is, that he should have the universal outlook, and must be prepared to love and serve anyone of any religion, irrespective of caste and creed, colour and status. Devotion and unconditional cheerful self- surrender to one’s own God or Deity, and recognition of the spiritual co-equal status of man and woman, are the advanced stages under Mai-ism. To be a Mai – ist, belief in the very existence of God is not indispensable, if one has a universal outlook and is ready to love and serve all.
Amongst other things, what Mai – ism offers to the whole world, is the conception of the Universal Mother worshipped by Mai-ists as MAI, who being sexless, is the Universal Father As well, and who is easily propitiated by living the life of Love, Service, Devotion and Self – surrender. Mai has awarded the spiritual sanction behind Mai – ism, the Universal Religion.

( 26) The Founder of Mai-ism would like some universal-minded religious and rich philanthropists, to come forth for the construction of the Universal Mother’s, Mai’s, Major Temple, surrounded by several other minor temples, representing the worshipping place for the followers of a certain individual religion, who in addition and over and above what their own individual religion prescribes, are prepared to practically live out the belief, that we are one and all, children of the same Almighty Mother or Father. Maiji’s great ambition is to have several Mai-ists, who have been initiated into the ceremonies of each religion and who would voluntarily be conducting worship in minor temples, deities, who are really, only varieties of the different aspects of the very same Mother in minor temples, as may be required by any Mai-ists of different individual religions, on certain celebration occasions, following the details and sacred ceremonies, prescribed by each one of the individual religions.

(27) An illiterate agriculturist boy madly ran with seeds to the fields during heavy rains. He slipped and fell and the seeds were scattered on the ground. Many laughed, and a few helped. The boy returned discouraged and disheartened to his MOTHER. Said his Mother to him: “Compose thyself my child: While you slipped, the seeds have fallen and have been sown. Few years, hence, we shall invite both those that helped and those that laughed, and we will serve them one and all, without any distinction or difference, with fruits which the very same seeds will bear.”

~ extract from Maiism  literature

Author : Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand

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A palace and a rose garden kept ready by mother for you. This book is for swans. Mother likes to be surrounded with swans whose hearts will overflow with love , cheerfulness and gratitude, on Her showing  such playful proofs of acceptance by Her. ~ MAI-ISM Note 291 Page 225 

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Mai-ism is the psychological religion for one and all of any religion or no religion without caste, creed or colour. With full reverence to and while following one’s own religion, one can be a Mai-ist. Mai-ism is one’s own personal religion to be adopted after the age of discretion and not merely one’s ancestral religion of one’s birth.

MAI-ISM has its origin in the Motherhood-conception of God Almighty. Mother is the very same God whom the world has worshipped till now, mainly as Father. Mother is sexless, and therefore, beyond He, She or It and is therefore, the very same as Father “MAI” is the Hindi word for “Mother”, ” Mai-ism ” offers to the world, in these trying times, when the world needs highest mercy of Almighty, the conception of the Universal Mother, to be worshipped by one and all, who are universal minded, religious, God-fearing and God-loving.

Mai ( Mother ) is not Maya or the illusion creator, nor Shakti or Power requiring a separate Controller, not Father’s Wife, nor the Fifth Hindu Deity, not Mother Kali, not Mother Mary, not God’s handmaid, not Demon’s slayer, not Mother that is pleased with animal or human sacrifices,, not Mother of thieves and dacoits, not Mother of rebels revolutionaries, not Mother of Black-Magicians, Ughra-Sadhaks , Ghat-Kanchuki Dev-dasis or Vamachars.
Mother is essentially the Ocean of Infinite Love and Mercy, Mother is human mother vested with Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence and raised to infinity and Godhood . Mai is to the Mai-ists what a human mother is to her child.

If the Universe is to be made hatredless happy home and if love, mercy and other qualities of heart, ( the bankruptcy of which has been so keenly felt in the present world ) are to reappear, Motherhood conception of God is the most favorable aspect and conception.

A universal evil need a universal remedy, and the Grace of Universally acknowledged  common Parent of one and all. The Merciful-Mother-Parent. The Universal Mother.

A universal prayer offered to a universally-conceived, universally-acknowledged universal Almighty, has its own undreamt-of miraculous efficiency, which followers of individual delimited vision can never imagine.

A universal call alone can have a universal response.

The six tenets of Mai-ism are :-
1) God is more merciful when approached as Mother;
2) Mother is mother of all, without caste, creed or colour;
3) Mother smiles, on one’s trying to love All, to one’s best;
4) Mother saves, on one’s trying to serve All, with one’s best;
5) Mother shows (Her Grace) on one’s devotion to Her
6) Mother serves, on one’s living the life of universal Love and Service, with Devotion to Her and Unconditional, Cheerful, Self-Surrender to Mother’s Divine Will.

One who does not believe in God, but who does believe in the common tie of humanity and practises service and extends Love to all, is a ” Mai-ist”, because he is the follower of Mai in one of Her aspects as One Universal Soul, One Universal Consciousness or One Universal Cosmos, like unto the continuous string through rosary beads subjecting everyone of the Universe to the slightest influence anywhere in the whole.

A Mai-ists devotional ideal is :-
” Practice feeling that you are a child. A child whom mother could not but accept, however wicked. You automatically get confidence, you regain your innocence, purity and sincerity and you raise yourself above world-wormness, sexuality and selfishness. You are off your cares. Time is Eternity for you and the burden of life is lightened. Be Mother’s child and Her lap shall be thrilling and throbbing to have you on itself.”


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A Guru is one who guides you in every detail of your living in the religious realm



Mere worshipping our saints, Gurus and great men without trying to follow in their footsteps won’t help us. No Guru will give us the nectar unless we love and serve him unless we are devoted to him and unless we try our best to be what he is with unconditional and cheerful self-surrender. 

It is not that the saints are any the less merciful, but there are limitations beyond which the Eternal Divine Law does not permit the results to accrue. One unit can be multiplied to be 100 units, but a zero remains a zero however great the multiplier may be.

The difference between a Saint and a Guru must constantly be before mind of spiritual aspirant. A Guru is one who guides you in every detail of your living in the religious realm, one in whom you can confide , one to whom you surrender yourself withe confession of all the facts and defects of your life and living .

Hold on to your God and hold on to your Guru, with  the tightest grip, come what may, start your spiritual improvement from the very first alphabet. Even go back if you find a single element of yours unripe .

 In the end the tortoise will beat the hare and will win the race.

~ Mai-ism

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To be knowing everything is no requisite qualification either for peace, or bliss or salvation.

Mai-ism says,” Don’t be a curiosity-seeker and questioner, in the matter of mysteries beyond your limitations. The only thing practically possible is attributing what can’t be understood or solved, to Mother’s Divine Will. Subordinate your intellect to Divine Faith. Prefer to be over-powered with Mother’s Glory and Mercy, to being humiliated in your vain efforts with your disappointment and God’s displeasure.

Be ready to be taught, with the firmness of humility and duty, to walk in the Divine Path. Mother, Herself will reveal you, as you advance, as much of the secret as is necessary and beneficial to you for your further progress towards Her. Whom She selects, that person alone can know and understand the secret and that too only a fragment.

The best answer to all various doubts and questions is to tie down your mind (she-monkey) to the Lotus Feet of Mother and drown her in an opium doze of devotion. If it were possible to learn the universe-ruling mysteries Mother would not have been called Incomprehensible and unspeakable Almighty.

The mystery has to be learnt in the language of silence by the Guru. You can rise above the imperfection of being troubled with doubtfulness and attain a stage, where the mind does not leave its bliss to invite uneasiness under doubts. That is the Real Stage. That is the Real Substance and that is the permanent work to be done. No answers originated and obtained from the mental plane will give you permanent satisfaction.

414. Let me explain rationally what is meant by,” Having known which, nothing remains to be known” regarding the said Truth. Does that mean you know from here, how many puppies your bitch has delivered hundreds of miles away? No. The most prevalent misunderstood meaning !! Is it that some higher spirit tells you an answer to any question? No. The only meaning is, your mind reaches a stage when it neither raises any such worthless questions nor does it care to know even if that worthless knowledge were imparted to you by any outside agency.

415. You are served with a dish containing hundreds of most nicest dainties; you take the best thing and you are filled up and say,” I have eaten enough ” , Once you are filled up to the point of vomiting at the very mention of eating anything more, you never think of other eatables. You do not want to be approached with other dishes. You reject them by saying ” I have eaten them all”.

This is how I interpret. I am not denying clairvoyance or telepathy or any higher powers of knowing everything past present or future if there be, but for a Mai-ist this interpretation within rationalistic limits, I consider quite enough. Other things may be true but are not indispensable. Further, even if it is or be a fact that the past present and future are actually known, it is my personal strong opinion that you are much happier, and the world too, far less unnecessarily agitated, by your keeping silent and telling people you can’t and don’t know and advising them to restrict themselves to their rational conclusions. To be knowing everything is no requisite qualification either for peace, or bliss or salvation. 


[ You are not required to be knowing everything, for a Mai-ist, even anything. You are carried through every situation, provided you become Mother’s child, and that is Mai-ism !!! ~ Mai-ism ]

~ Mai-ism Notes 413 to 415