Pardon Seeking Prayer

Thousands of misunderstandings, huge blunders, crimes and sins are perpetually being done by us. Pardon us them all with the consideration that “We are Thy wicked children”. We do not know the inviting or parting formality ceremony or courtesy. We do not know how to worship. We do something somehow, without scriptural observances, ceremony or devotion. Ye Mother of infinite Mercy !! pardon us. Having committed hundreds of sins and crimes, Thy devotees who repeat Thy name are given a forgiveness which is unimaginable by  principal deities and others. Full of sins we are, but we have surrendered ourselves to Thee. We are to be pitied for what we have done. Do with us as Thou wishest. Whatever more or less, action or omission, as a result of ignorance, forgetfulness, misunderstanding. indolence, etc., happens in our case or proceeds from us, please pardon us for that and set all that right considering Thy own greatness and Thy universal Fame of  Mercifulness and Forgiveness and the universal belief about Thy own never-failing Grace. Thou art the fulfiller and controller of desires. Thou art the Mother of the whole universe, Thou art existence, knowledge and bliss. Please accept our worship made blissful by the love which Thou bearest to Thy children. Thou art mystery of mysteries and Thy mercy is inconceivable of all inconceivable.Accept Thou art the protectress of protectionists. whatever is done by us as best, and by Thy grace. Oh Mother, let our trust welfare and victory be achieved.

~ Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand / Mother and Mother’s Thousand Names / Maiism

If the feeling of gratitude dies

What is invaluable soon gets depreciated to be value-less if the feeling of gratitude dies.  ~ MAI-ISM ( Page 478 Note 548 )

There has been a pinching bankruptcy of even appreciators of goodness, virtue and variety. ~ MAI-ISM ( Page 475 Note 545 )

Religiosity or sacred learning gets poisoned, as soon as the idea of money – getting or money – losing idea touches it. ~ MAI-ISM ( Page 477Note 547 )

The Finalmost Truth is that Mother will ever remain pouring Her Mercy and man will ever remain being ungrateful. If man is to remain ever ungrateful, God to be ever pouring Mercy must be Mother, and because man is getting more and more absorbed in his own selfishness, greater is the necessity of God being Mother.~ Mother & Mother’s Thousand Names 

Ever Merciful and Compassionate Universal Divine  Mother Mai

Universal Divine Mother Mai

992) Avyaaja-karunaa-murti अव्याजकरूणामुर्ति  – Compassionate immeasurably and impartially. Her mercifulness and man’s ungratefulness have made me weep so often, made me break into tears before others. Just yesterday [ 9-5-1938 ] a devotee came to me weeping to inform me that his brother has been taken into custody for defalcation and the surety asked for being for a great amount, there was no possibility of his being released on bail. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 992

I was moved.I felt giddy as I could not find the way and then broke into tears. I told the man I have such a bitter experience  of the ungratefulness of mankind that I am now ashamed to pray to Mother for pouring Mercy on suffering souls”. So many have lacked even the most superficial courtesy of  a single good word after the calamity ( as of restoring of the lost vision, acquitted and escape from a sure sentence imprisonment) , is over “.
At one place a man was under a criminal trial. The judge had decided to himself that he should be heavily sentenced. All remedies to get the mercy of the judge had failed.On hearing about the Founder he went to his place and in spite of his telling him that he was mere dust,that he had not iota of greater capacity than any other man of the street, would not leave his feet till a promise was given that Mother would show mercy on him. By some great some wonderful happenings he was acquitted. In spite of repeated and repeated and repeated requests, ” Do not forget to thank my Mother when you are released, “Mother wants only a little recognition,” there was not a word even through some one not a letter, not a single going to Mother, not a single desire of Darshan.
Only a month back, the Founder received a very earnest letter from who stated that he and his wife were members of Mother’s Lodge. His wife had been seriously ill. Doctors had left all hopes. He requested the Founder to pray to Mother. It would be foolish to write what people think of the Founder. The Founder replied,”If you honestly believe what you write about the Founder’s relation with Mother, just take a little water, and a few flowers , pray to Mother and promise Her that you would not forget Her obligation. Run then to hospital. If you find the fever is gone, wire to me and do not forget to celebrate Mother’s Mercy to you on ensuing Friday.

Not to neglect the next Friday, Founder had repeatedly and repeatedly requested him. The fever immediately disappeared, as soon as he received letter and prayed. On being assured accordingly at the hospital, he wired to the Founder . But thanks-giving on next Friday was neglected. Ha had to make that indifference good by running down to Poona (Pune) and offer prayers personally to Mother. Again Mother was merciful . Not only on return to Bombay (Mumbai) did he find that all complications had disappeared  but even the doctors’ committee’s opinion, viz., that a major operation was indispensable was changed. This letter promise he took from the Founder at 4 A.M. during the night. Husband and wife are now happy and they now regularly pray to Mother on every Friday.

It is the most bitter experience of the Founder that people are so ungrateful that after the calamity is over they do not bestow even a moment’s thought of thankfulness to Mother. Founder has often found that cruel beasts like tigers and lions are more grateful than man.
And yet !! The Founder’s lot is to break his head against the wall when he is taunted by routine religionists and orthodox people ,” You have made Mother cheap like straw “.

But reader !! Are you an atheist or  a devotee !! How has Mother consoled the Founder !! Would like to know ? She had often told the Founder in dreams, ” If Thou hast been Servant of my children for My Sake , am I not bound to be what Thou makest me ? ” I presume the world is as it is, and yet my work is to create a love for Mother.
Once a devotee on the river bank saw a scorpion being dragged in the river flood, struggling for life. The devotee out of pity went into the flood and took him up over his hand and began to make his way towards the bank.
The scorpion begins to give stings and with the pain, tears were flowing from the eyes of devotee. Onlookers shouted out, “Throw of the scorpion,” but he would not.

On inquiry as to the cause of his folly he said ,”Mother created  a scorpion and a devotee. The scorpion has not failed to fulfil the purpose for which he was made. Should the scorpion be true to its creator and I false to my Mother !!”



Reader ! excuse me, I write only one thing out of hundred that I have experienced. If you are not prepared to excuse me for these outpouring, throw away Mother’s book. What else can you expect from a devotional mind !!

The Finalmost Truth is that Mother will ever remain pouring Her Mercy and man will ever remain being ungrateful. If man is to remain ever ungrateful, God to be ever pouring Mercy must be Mother, and because man is getting more and more absorbed in his own selfishness, greater is the necessity of God being Mother.