Maiist’s Religious Ideals


Some of the  Mai-ist’s religious ideals are –

(1) Delimit God as little as possible.

(2) Get rid of all adornments and adjuncts at the stage when they are found to be obstructive.

(3) Every one of us is under the direct protection and guidance of God.

(4) Relation of man to man must be hundred times much better. Be we first a man, then a brother and there after alone, a religious man.

(5) Religion should not be a source of superstition.

(6) Religion is to be essence and experience of the life lived.

(7) Preachers are to be Witness and not lawyers.

(8) Religion should be accommodative, constructive and progressive.

(9) Religion must have a definite form and should not be an idealistic, incomprehensible, chaos-creating, airy and hazy something. Religion must provide for pruning from age to age.

Mai-ist’s devotional ideal :

‘ Practice feeling that you are a child – a child whom Mother could not but accept, however wicked. You automatically get confidence, you regain your innocence, purity and sincerity and you raise yourself above world-wormness, sexuality and selfishness. You are off your cares, time is eternity for you and life is lightened. Be Mother’s child and Her lap shall be thrilling and throbbing to have you on itself.’