Mai-ism with three Trios

Mai-ism brings down six thousand six hundred and sixty six things to six things only. Six things are also reduced to three trios: [1] Humanity, Love and Service [2] Mother, Devotion and Self Surrender and [3] God, Guru and disciple. Take up any trio and fire on. Mother speed you. No handicaps of what to dine, when to bathe, whom not to touch, which temple, which river , which pilgrimage place , whom to marry, which saint, which priest, etc. etc.


579. Come what may Don’t leave Mother’s Lotus Feet. You have a right to the Mother’s Feet and Lap. It is enough that you had tried your best not to be pulled out, and that you have again returned. You are again welcome to your safe corner of purity and rest and peace. Run back at the earliest opportunity. Your righteous living must become so interwoven in your life, that whenever you make a departure you are filled with a unique uneasiness and confusion. You must be so guile -less-ness-stamped in your face that even the dullest man of the world would detect you out, and force you to be driven back to your corner, with a little suffering. Develop your mind to be so sensitive that you yourself can’t remain composed, till you have vomited out your wrong actions, intentions, sins, faults and follies.


I assure you from my personal experience. If you are a devotee, Mother saves you only with a slight reproach and a warning and a little loss. She changes the minds of the people. How rarest thing it is for the world to meet a man, who makes confessions with repentance and resolutions not to repeat the folly? You should feel as a fish out of its waters. Mother is sure to save you if there is a slight weakness and no systematic wickedness, provided there is a burning desire to retrace the steps to your corner. Mother helps you in such cases. most miraculously. It is the Divine Arrangement that saints are harassed by the world, even on false accusations and without rhyme or reason to make them more and more unattached to the world and to be pulled towards God.

A saint’s life gives multi coloured silent pictures of multi-minded characters. Often the nearest persons remain in dark about a saint, except at the end, when it is too late to mend. Very often saints have Satans hovering over their heads, and angels craving constant association at any cost, at their feet, from the very same inmost environment, that enjoys the unique privilege of the nearest ties.

A saint’s avowed goodness, greatness, and Godliness attract all varieties of human nature around him, with an assured fearlessness, friendliness and forgiveness, and there is nothing that gives a more solid spiritual elevation than the closest continued contact with a saint. A miniature world with all that is best and worst in this big world, of human nature, reveals all secrets, in this shortest time- period, provided your approach and attitude is full of love, service, devotion and surrender to your Guru and God.

580. Nip in the bud very vicious thought, wish or action. Let the improvement of others be now, only a side activity or a by-product of your life. Let that infatuation of “duty” go. A general high sense of duty must be uniform and of the same intensity, and not restricted to wife and children only. Every man has his duty towards God, himself,, Universe, parents, brothers and sisters and neighbours and posterity as well. Wife and children themselves, although fully mature and discreet, never think about the indispensability of your care and protection, as much as, you are dancing about, under the name of duty. Just once make a search of their hearts. You are simply delusioned, by your own desires and infatuation and various urges. You are simply justifying your indulgence with the overwhelming, intimidating, self-delusive word of duty. Why not be true to yourself and say ” I have not risen above infatuation and attachment.”? You can’t save yourselves and are along throughout life under the delusion ” I must protect them as guardian, otherwise they will have the most miserable fate.” You have to play your inevitable part alone, with the least attachment. Every man who has worked hard and gone out of righteousness has the feeling of disgust at the end , when he finds or rather discovers the real mentalities of them whom he had all along looked upon as helpless dependents and dying without him and as ready for every sacrifice for him, when he sees things quite incompatible with his lifelong exertions and expectations. In the case of workers for religion and world’s welfare, that is also prearrangement when Mother makes some to be an instrument for the particular work for humanity. After maturity of restlessness, dispassion and non-attachment, you have to escape at the first available opportunity.

581. That is the way of the world and that is the way of true saints. The world’s way is: ” catch the server, worship him, raise him to skies, so long as he serves,” and the world continues to serve. When that ceases ” dash him to the ground and shoe-beat him. The saint’s way is “Get you minimum. Surrender yourself to the lowest. If you get entangled, take out one thorn with another of the world. Hang up your whole world packet on the neck peg of some Khan Saheb, who is more than a match for all worldly wicked ones and bolt away.”

The North pole and South pole men may meet at the Equator, to satisfy their individual needs and foods. Need satisfied, each one repeals another and return to one’s natural residential pole. Make your dependence on the world and your family, even wife and children as minimum as you can. Remain temporarily surrendered to the humblest in the lowliest manner, without sacrificing your character, virtue, devotion and religion. Welcome them and those situations, in clutches whereof your prarabdha (destiny) places you. But, don’t fail to slip away to your corner, at the first chance. The meeting of persons of the opposite persons of opposite poles can be happy for a few hours only. Depart, therefore, with the quickest exchange good grace, memory, and even a craving in the heart of others, to meet you again.

Live in the midst of the world, without catching its colour, with self-surrender to Mother’s Divine Will, like a spread up burnt cloth, with all its beauty and designs etc. really turned to ashes. Only thing, don’t escape quite prematurely or immaturely, simply because of the worldly agree-ability of a loving wife or a decent earning not there. If you are a failure in this world itself in the matter of undertaking responsibilities, impatiently suffering all disagree-abilities, in exerting and sweating to keep yourself and your family running in the normal manner etc. then mere saffron robe and head tonsure can’t help you to conquer your internal enemies and climb the staircase of salvation.

Your living as a householder or a relinquisher of the family life is a matter of much less importance than the reality about how you live every moment of your life itself. You have to pay off your contracted debts and get matured against the triple fires of worldliness. As soon as you are nearing the mark, automatically all the circumstances of life will change, to create a position suited to your new requirements, a good deal in advance of your actually reaching the new higher stage.

~ Extract from the book Mai-ism , Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand 




Published by


Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.

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