Men between deities and animals

Men are between deities and animals. They come down from being deity like to be man-like. Their further stage of animal-like-ness is only quite a short passing phase .Just a stage of few moments between one garment of yours and another , when you change them. Man immediately turns to be Satan-like after only counted moments of his animal-like-ness. Where can the whole development of Intellect and Will that he has passed through , when rising from the animal-like-ness go ?? He has receded two steps , only to take a much higher jump .

The satanic man speaks speaks more wisely than deities themselves and acts more brutally than the animals themselves. The greatest master-piece of his intellect, is seen in the creation of perversions and delusions which keep the world in ever lasting enslavement, ignorance and impenetrable darkness. He spreads his thickest veil of blackness and casts his net to catch every fish that he can lay his hold on . He keeps on devising and executing plans and schemes that would keep the world spell bound and infatuated and that would maintain his standing power over one and all, for ever. More than three fourths of this world is ruled by Satan and as such Satan-like souls that look like merciful, straight and well-wishing benevolent deities.
Mother save Her surrendered sons from the clutches of Satanic souls !!

543.”What is the way to truly know what a man truly is ? ” The answer is “contact”.You can know what really a man is, only when you have seen and lived with him. Otherwise, he changes his colours like a chameleon and you do not know his natural colour. The contact is helpful in deciding true nature of man, for this reason that he can not all the hours be on alert and on mere artificial grounds .When you study a man on having the contact , marking subtle points of contrasts and similarities of different words thoughts actions you so to say form your own notion about the man , on the basis of reliable experienced facts about him. So many different scattered actions synchronize. Some do not but you arrive at a fair idea of man’s real nature.

A man who knows all the languages most proficiently can not be traced regarding his lineage , but if you are with him all the while , you will find him out, especially when he speaks something during his sleep-dreams.

544. I so anxiously wish, readers may understand my heart. It is not that I am feeling a joy in belittling the present age. Just the reverse of it. I feel for the modern men. They are ten percent what they make themselves to be, but ninety percent what so many other factors have made them to be. I am not a faddish of Religion. Religion is for man, more than that men are for Religion. The ultimate aim of Religion is to make man better and happier. Nor am I worrying about getting a world of flatterers and courtiers around my MOTHER. I am all the while raising a clarion call to all of them, whom Mother has gifted powers, to do their little best to take up necessary measures to enable this very world of ours, being reinstalled on lines that lead it to be better and happier. If there is no Truth, where is the trust; and if there is no justice, where is the safety ? If there is no cognition of mercy where is gratefulness ? ? If there is no mature understanding about right and wrong, if there is nothing like obeying the voice of one’s conscience, if there is nothing like feeling pleasure in giving and in discharging one’s duties, if there is nothing as developing strength to stand against temptations, if there is nothing like repentance for wrong things done, if there is nothing like responsibility, if there is nothing like directing the Intellect and the Will towards goodness and universality, if there is nothing like practicing the controlling of passions and the curbing of wild desires, if there is nothing like properly directing our senses to their legitimate objects in a harmless manner, if there is nothing like formation of good habits, if there is no censorship over our speech, imagination and movement, if we have no idea of what is vice and virtue, if we don’t exert to develop our good character, if we don’t regulate our behavior to suit the smooth running of the society around us, if we don’t want to be accommodative, if we don’t try to minimize our pride, lust, wrathfulness, greed, envy and infatuation, if we have no benevolence, gentleness and contentment, where will the world be drifting and where is then any hope of seeing better days of bliss peace and happiness ? ? Do we want a nation of Independent Animals ? ? Everyone driving his brake-less motor to the pinnacle of the highest hell of his desires. reaching it, and with an over toppling, falling in the Reaction Ocean behind the hell ?

Extract from the book : Mai-ism , Notes 542 to 544 , Pages 469 to 472 Author : Mai Swarup Mai Markand


Published by


Non practising advocate ( Bar Council of Maharashtra ). Servant of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Shri Mai Swarup Mai Markand ; follower of Universal Religion of Mai-ism, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai 400054, India.

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