They love what God gives

The Founder says: “Let there be any amount of atheism of discarding of God, religion, scriptures, etc.; so long as man has a body, he is sure to have physical suffering. So long as he has a heart, he is sure to have disquietude. So long as he has desires, he is sure to be in some pressing need. Where can the poor beggarly creature like man dependent on so many things escape? How long can he run away? Truly capacious religious preachers have to develop their givingpowertheir miseryrelieving desire and the world will remain in their fists with folded hands up to the last day of the pralaya” of the world (dissolution). Be yourself really capacious of relieving the miseries of the world, not by tall-talks, appearances, paraphernalias, scriptural quotation, shouting tomtoms, etc., but by actually proving your capacity of relieving the sufferings of them that come to you. The whole world will be flocking around you, in temples or Ashrams. Except few blessedsnone wants God and religion but for their own selfinterest. They do not love God. They love what God gives, money, wife, children, happiness, health, heaven, peace, bliss, etc. They are,  in fact, loving not even those things, in the absolute sense. They are loving only themselves. We can’t expect the world to be consisting of one and all on the highest plane of disinterested love and service with devotion and self-surrender. Let the animaldeity mixture with each one be only very gradually increased by truly religious persons to greater and greater strength of the GodlinesselementThat is the only efficient way of dealing in Kaliyugawith the new situation after our contact with the West.

Frowning, scolding, intimidating, and dismissing will not mend matters. Even isolatingwhich is the most efficacious remedyis by nowextremely impracticable and difficult. The number of runaways increases and it is the religious schools that have finally to be closed. To be the masterone has first to serve as a servantPeople have to be served in their own way. Create the feeling of gratitude and a confidence in you, your words and teachings by numerous precedents of your having helped them. It is sickening for any man to be constantly advised by mere sermons, without any practical solid help or service or sacrifice to enable the distressed to be relieved of a calamity.

The Founder humorously says mankind and world has no direful demonish  ancestral vengeance with God, Guru and Religion. When the world is roaring with “There is nothing like God. Down with this humbug of religion,” it only means not an absence of belief or a disbelief in God, but a disowninga rebelliousness just as a wayward (and therefore always miserable) son says, he has no fatherThe only course left for the world is the intervention of Mother between the unrelenting father and the everrebellious son. This is for them that believe in both the Mother and Father. For a Mai-ist, Mother Herself is both Mother and Father. That is the only possible chance of a reconciliation or re-establishment of peace happiness and blissFor Maiists who believe God himself as Mother, there is only one step, and not two, to climb. Whichever way you go, Motherhood of God is the only remedy left for the world especially in this Kaliyuga.

” No ” becomes ” Yes ” when grace showers.

Says the Founder, “The bitterest atheism of a man is simply a straw-like thing which is blown away on turning the blast of a misery into a beautitudeful breeze by Mother’s Grace. These are proved facts and not oratories. The Founder has seen most thinking educated people changing from the most vehement ” No ” to weeping and repentant ” Yes “, within a few hours of the Mother’s Grace-Showers.”
This changing from most vehement ” No ” to the most repentant ” Yes ” is unbelievably subtle. Few people realise that it is the She-monkey mind of man that sometimes raises him to the high palatial terrace and sometimes buries him in the deepest and darkest cellars of despondency. People have always heard but few have practised the secret of being an unconcerned and uninfluenced spectator. Few have learnt to laugh at their own contrasts, contradictions and inconsistencies. Few have thought of what passes in their own mind and life, spiritually.

According as that mind is cheerful or sorrowful, the whole outlook changes. The whole sky gets bright or cloudy. People say at one moment : “There is nothing like Sun”. The cloud disappears and the very same they, at the next moment, say : “The Sun is surely there.” None of the two contradictory statements is necessarily a lie or a hypocrisy. People actually and honestly feel like that. Only thing is they have not risen to the height of seeing the game play of the mind itself as an introspective expert spectator. They are immediately carried away as their mind chooses.