The independent path of Love towards God as Mother

There is quite an independent path of love. Love between God and devotees. Love between the Highest spirit and the soul’s spirit, where there is no other hindrance on any ground whatsoever. It is as good as mechanical Law of a magnet and an iron, the iron piece may be rusted or brilliant, it may be anything, of any color or any shape.
It is we who mix up the matters. We jumble up the Ideal of God as Mother or Love with God who runs the Universe, who can adjust matters to our advantage. How you fare in life and world, should become entirely foreign inadmissible and irrelevant matter in the said independent path of Love. The return of Love is Love and not prosperity, power, removal of calamities, subjugation of opponents, etc. Love means absolutely nothing else. The jumbling is there; don’t jumble up Mother as Mother to Her child and Mother as the Criatrix and Disposer of the Universe and controller of individual life with all joys and sorrows, pleasure and pains.

You love Mother but in return, you want the whole pleasure and wealth of the world. If you are satisfied with Love of Mother’s towards you, your love and readiness to die for Her is in quite sufficient and is independent of all the religious requirements and equipment. There only the plain and scientific law holds. You weep out of separation from Mother, Mother runs to you. She heals you up and your wounds in a hospital; She bandages you. But mind, She runs not necessarily to give you and what you want and to help you out of your own dug up pit falls. She runs to you to remove your pangs of separation. She too runs also because She can’t remain without running. She loves you hundred fold. “Loving Mother means becoming Mother ” that is second unfailing divine law. Mother’s mandate to Her devotees, regarding their attitude towards the world, in spite of the latter’s worldliness and possible wickedness, is “Be Mother to all, as I have been to you.” Do you want Mother for Mother’s sake? Well, there your way is clear and open. There is an independent path of divine love, which does not make any other achievement indispensable. That is the innermost teaching of Mai-ism.

What a terrible earth-and-sky difference , there is , between the stage of an intellectual knowledge and the conviction, realization and corroboration of a certain truth !! And what a terribly long time period  passes between the two stages ? One life with the maximum time thereof best utilized seems to be almost nothing , and not sufficient time at all. Just imagine the stage of a soul of a murderer or plunderer who can do his job with the sacred name of Rama or Krishna in his lips. Next, that of one who falls unconscious out of divine love, as soon a she hears  the sacred name uttered by someone else. On the basis of the extent of progress which an average worldly soul is able to make up in one life in the matter of what he was, before and after, or at the beginning and at the end  , just try to imagine how many lives  are required to rise  from the above one stage to another !!! We are lost in the ocean of perplexities, with no shores or lands in sights. Before the realization of a certain truth, so many stages, degrees and intensities have to be passed. It is an indispensable requirement for realizing the relish of  ”living after death “, that this world of ours , so much bright and righteous looking  and infatuating should have been first realized , to have been, after all, only a forest and desert. True relishfulness of life and living, begins after non-attachment, relinquishment, renunciation and realization of nothingness of the world.

Blessed be the name of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa , the first Mother’s child. Mother Herself, that came on earth to teach Her universal simplified speedy religion.

Blessed be the name of Revered Shri Swami Vivekananda  ( Shiva Incarnate ) who as Mother’s lion roamed over the whole world  and tore to pieces , all the demoniacal forces of superstition, ignorance, atheism, abuse, exploitation, intolerance, pride-blindness, etc., in respect of religiosity, and who introduces the element of universal widened out-look in all religions of the world.

Extract from the book : MAI-ISM




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Devotee and follower of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand and Universal Religion MAI-ISM. [ Mai Temple : Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India. ] My Educational career : 1 ] S.S.C. Board Examination - M.E.S. MES Renuka Swaroop Memorial Girls High School, Pune​ - 1964 2 ] Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honors) - Sir-Parshurambhau-College - University of Poona - 1968. 3 ] Master of Arts Degree (Economics) - Punjab University, Chandigarh (P.U.)​ - 1971 4 ] Bachelor of Laws Degree - Punjab University, Chandigarh (P.U.) - 1975 5 ] Master of Arts Degree (Political Science) - M.S. University Of Baroda , Baroda - 1981 6 ] Master of Laws Degree - University of Poona - 1985

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