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What is “worry”? Worry is giving way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles. If you worry, you keep thinking about problems that you have or about unpleasant things that might happen. Someone or something can worry you e.g. Terry was worried by the challenge, or I am sorry I worried you, or dog worries ship or other farm animals. The word “worry” has several synonyms such as annoyance, vexation, mortification, chagrin, irritation, anxiety etc. In short worry is thinking plus anxiety. Worry does not exempt anyone. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Worry occupies the first rank among the three Ws. If you are worried you may not get good sleep. Sleeplessness leads to blood pressure, heart trouble etc. Worry may be due to loss of wealth, failure in litigation, collapse of business, temperament incompatibility between couple, ill-health, unemployment, etc. What is the remedy to overcome the worries? All the tranquilizers won’t produce the desired result.


In His immense Mercy Founder Saint Shri. Maiji has laid down an unfailing remedy to overcome worries. The remedy is embodied in a letter to a lady devotee whose name is not known as we have only a copy of letter without the name. The letter sent on the first February 1963 from Mai Niwas is reproduced en bloc in the hope that it will help all readers to get rid of their worries and surrender cheerfully to Mai Maiji.

“I am unhappy to note that you have been very much worried during the last few days. Be bold. Maiji and Mai are with you. Mai is sure to solve your problem. Continue Mai pooja and Mai Mantra whenever you get leisure. Read at least one or two pages of Mai-ism every day. Your worries will vanish as ghee burns in the fire in Havan. I am sorry to note that most of us have not fully understood the working of Mother’s Divine administration. So they are often thinking that Mai is punishing them when they get worried.  Please note the words in Ardha Sahasranama “Mai Sharanagati Karuna Eka”. The meaning is Mai’s Grace showering is directly proportional to the amount of one’s surrender to Her, and the surrender should be unconditional, cheerful self-surrender. You are a very highly educated lady. So you must try to understand the working of Divine laws and the Guru’s work is to guide you and give you invisible strength to know that. The gold can be made into the form required only by heating and hammering. Like that Mai may put you to slight tests and by the Grace and Blessings of Guru the severity of the test will be very much lightened. I again tell you that whenever you feel worried in mind , if you are doing any work repeat the Mantra “Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai, Chitta Shanti Pradayini, Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai” and if you get leisure time read Mai-ism book two pages at least. Many people by doing like this got peace of mind and I do not see any reason why you also should not have that.


In this Universe everybody including myself are surrounded by many forces, good as well as bad and evil and we have to fight out all the bad and evil forces to get happiness and peace of mind. Then we have got our past Karmas, good and evil we do not know how much good and how much evil we have got in our account. By worshiping Mai and repeating Mai Mantra and by the Blessings and Guidance of Guru, the huge miseries and calamities and worries will be very much lightened so that we may not feel too much, but still we have to suffer something which should be peacefully and happily gone through. The fighting out the evil forces are also influenced to a very great extent by our surroundings, environments and circumstances .So the only way is to get as much credit as possible in your account in the Divine Bank so that the credit of the Divine Bank Balance may exceed the debit or in other words the balance should be always credit Balance. When that stage is reached there will be complete happiness. In addition to the instructions if you have got time and if your husband has no objection, I would suggest you to write the following Mantra in note books and send me the books as when finished and they will be placed on the Lotus Feet of Mai here. “Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai, Mai Sharanagati Karuna Eka, Chitta Shanti Pradayini Sarva Dhukha Nivaarini, Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai”. If you don’t get time even a few lines day to commence with will be sufficient.

Don’t feel unhappy at all. Have full courage and face everything boldly. By the Grace of Mai nothing serious will happen. By the Grace of Mai and Blessings of Maiji, things which come as mountains will pass away as clouds.

Mai fully bless you, your husband and your children and Balkrishnan. Please preserve this letter forever for consolation and strength on reading it. If I were more free I would suggest to keep it under your pillow while you sleep.


(Signed) Maiji.

Extract from the Mai Marga [ MAIISM] , 51st Booklet, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz west Mumbai 400054 India.


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Devotee and follower of God as Universal Divine Mother Mai & Saint Mai Swarup Mai Markand and Universal Religion MAI-ISM. [ Mai Temple : Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai 400054 India. ] My Educational career : 1 ] S.S.C. Board Examination - M.E.S. MES Renuka Swaroop Memorial Girls High School, Pune​ - 1964 2 ] Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honors) - Sir-Parshurambhau-College - University of Poona - 1968. 3 ] Master of Arts Degree (Economics) - Punjab University, Chandigarh (P.U.)​ - 1971 4 ] Bachelor of Laws Degree - Punjab University, Chandigarh (P.U.) - 1975 5 ] Master of Arts Degree (Political Science) - M.S. University Of Baroda , Baroda - 1981 6 ] Master of Laws Degree - University of Poona - 1985

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