About visualization of God

Divine Mother who is otherwise hidden is fully seen in Dhyaana  or meditation.

By constant praises and thinking about Mother, there comes a stage when all other senses close their relations with other objects of their pleasures and emerge in this one object, viz., Mother. When all senses thus withdrawn from their respective other objects concentrate in Mother, it is meditation and in that condition She is most visibly seen.

As during my experiences of others about the visualisations of deities and about the imagined religiosity which is most exaggeratedly believed to have been attained on the only basis of such visibility, I have seen so many misunderstandings, I wish to deal with this subject at length here.

There is meeting of friends, every one of whom says he has an elephant. Everyone is almost proud and satisfied that he is the possessor of an elephant, but they are benighted and there is no conveyance to return home. In the meanwhile one of them who was silent says,” Oh, my elephant has come. Come on and I will give lift to you and leave you one by one at your homes.” The fact was that everyone had an elephant. None was wrong, but one had a paper elephant, another had a cardboard one, still another had an ebonite one, and so on. Only one had a real living useful elephant.

There are many who having some visualisation of some sort get deluded that they have reached the proximity of salvation and that this is their last life. I have met so many. The most pitiable misunderstanding!!

One may have a wonderful visualization but Maai-ist must judge evolution by a reference to what he is. You see in your solitude a figure of any deities, but you are wrathful, greedy, anxious, full of desires, your faculties are not of the highest type, you are not attractive, you have so many enemies, your conclusions are not correct and your forecast of future do not turn out to be correct. You must in that case conclude that there is something wrong about your visions.

You cannot reach Mother or see Mother, unless you are one of the highest souls with no desires, all readiness to sacrifice , constant remembrance of Mother, high purity, high transparency and great wisdom as to the best way of dealing with and addressing others, etc.

Your having actually seen some deity figure is not denied, but how far that happening means that you are nearer to God or salvation must be judged, more by the permanent conditions of your acquisitions, attainments and developments and righteousness in your living the daily life , than by the mere experience of some vision.

Visualisation arises from several sources : (1) It is simply a thought of mind that creates an impression of your having seen, just as several arrangements of clouds in the sky some figure is sometimes imagined and seen at a certain moment. (2) By still greater intensity and continued thinking and the seeing of a certain conception for a long time a figure is sometimes seen, just as children see something in the dark without there being anything. Numbers 1 and 2 are only mind’s makings. (3) Next, by powerful intensity of thoughts, certain elements in the ether are being drawn together and you have the sight. This is an ethereal vision.(4) There are some invisible mischievous spirits who assume the form of the deity and derive frolic by seeing how the deluded man begins to dance , thinking that he is one of the highest souls who have got Saakshaatkaar साक्षात्कार   (direct vision) of God. (5) Next some really good and religious, invisible angelic helper, taking pity on the person pining away for proof of existence or Darshana दर्शन (sight), consoles him and encourages him in his devotion by appearing as a deity. (6) Then comes the deputation of someone by the deity to console and encourage and assist, who appears  as the deity. (7) Then comes the one of the invisible disembodied principal devotees of the particular deity (8) Then comes one of the principal actual companions, and constant adherent of the deity and lastly (9) the deity Herself or Himself.

A vision is seen, but that is no proof of the proximity of salvation or deity’s home. It may fall in any of the above nine varieties  which I have enumerated. Which class the vision belongs to, should be judged, as stated above, by one’s own personal self-analysis. 

Number (4) is generally very common; sometimes such spirits who are opposed to general religiosity play the mischief and stop the further religious progress by creating the feeling of enoughness.

There are limitations and realities, Judge them by where and what you are. Do not get deluded away. Distinguish between mental, ethereal, spiritual and godly visions.

One way of judging what class the vision belongs to, in addition to the general self-analysis is to see after effects and after conditions. If you are over-powered with a feeling of ecstasy, the feeling of being perfected, being much better than what you were, feeling that you have nothing more to wish or love for, there is a reason to believe the vision to be of  a superior class. You feel you should have vision again and again. The other clue is to see how much of whatever is said or spoken by the vision figure comes out to be true. Judge the plane of purity which such speech proceeds. Decide the strength of sublimity and sanctity of the speech and emotion and knowledge during the vision.

Have a very correct analysis of what you are, how you live and what you do. Your vision can not be above what your plane is . If you are a true disciplined disciple , Gurus appear. If you are a devotee, devotees appear. If you are a world-worm with a little hypo-critic appearance of religiosity and doing something here and there , ordinary spirits appear. If you are entirely uncared for  and do not know your way out from a calamity, sometimes your dead relation and friend spirits appear.

The fact is that the way is Infinite. Best that has been said till now by way of instructions by the best people and best founders of all religions is but the first furlong formula. It is useful only for the first furlong of the long, long unknown infinite way. Let people be happy with their respective elephants according to their maximum conceptions. Do not discourage them or break their heavens. Let all be happy by Mother’s Grace.

It is not that the Infinite way is made through by the struggling soul. He is himself unable to explain, record or even know how he reaches the goal. It is Mother and Mother’s Grace that lifts him up and places him at or on the Goal.

All talk of wisdom of “Do this and do not do that”, Except Mother’s Grace is mere prattling. It is good in its own sphere, and many times much better than nothing or the reverse thing, but nothing beyond it.

Extract from the book : MAI &  MAI SAHASRANAMA




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Good and bad qualities of woman under the Religion Maiism

Money greed and sexual-lustfulness are such terrible forces, that they have overpowered even the most advanced of souls. Here therefore under Mai-ism the most difficult examination has been treated rather leniently and it should be enough that man passes with grace marks. It is enough that the man is true to his wife and that he gets money honestly in fairways without indulging in hundred s of ways of lying and cheating and defrauding, and that he makes it a point to spend a certain proportion of his wealth for deserving religious charitable purposes, etc. At this stage, Mai-ism does not mind his remaining infatuated with his wife, and trying his best to be wealthy enough, to be living in full comforts by honest and fair methods and without resorting to systematized cheating methods, that have lost their sting, in modern times, being in common prevalence.   

Mai-ism is for using the terms “Money-greed and sexual lustfulness ” and not  the centuries old expressions  ” Kanaka कनक and Kantaa कांता  ”  or ” Kaanchan  कांचन and Kaamini  कामिनी “. It is not the woman that is the source of temptation, but it is the lustfulness in man. Mai-ism thinks it is an ungratefulness to denounce the sex of Man’s mother, sister and daughter. A woman is in no way a grater degrading force than man, if at all we study the black side of a man and woman’s relations. However, there has been never such a thing as man’s downright condemnation. These centuries old expressions have led the prejudiced modern minds to infer , that the scriptures were written for “Man” alone , that the scriptures writers were averse to womankind and believed women to be a foreign undeserving inimical element for religious progress, and that Saints in the past evaded the very shadow of a woman. These views are quite ill-founded. All the same, both the sides are to be blamed. The moderners have not seen how much worshipful reverence the Saints and or Scriptures have shown to deserving women, especially to “mothers” and “satees”(chaste life sacrificing true wives). On the other hand, it has to be sorrowfully admitted that few or no saints have taken pains to raise protest against such deprecating expressions, nor have they made the point clear, while they left volumes of teachings after them.  Why should they have left it necessary, for their followers, to write long comments, stating, ”No, no; our Guruji had no hatred towards women”?? I was once assailed by a highly educated woman, who quote a Saint’s words “ Dhol, Dadama, Shudra, Pashu, Naari, Voh sab Tadana ke Adhikaari (the drum, the blowing trumpet,, the menial, the animal and the women, work best under “beating”).I tried my every defense saying “beating “ in the case of a women meant here is only an unpleasant but effective appeal to her heart , that a “Nari”, a woman, in said quotation means a bad woman.”

She left me with hatred-ful face gesturing saying “Were all dictionaries then burnt”? She meant, “Why not be explicit and say specifically “a bad woman”?? Why whole sale condemnation of womankind? “We mean the same thing” is an attitude of a deceptive roguery. It is not fairness. It is like passing over one false currency note in the midst of many, hiding a true one for substitution, in case of a protest is raised. Let Mai-ism at least be free from the contamination of this centuries old condemnation. The Founder of Mai-ism cannot keep his one foot in milk and another in curd. He has to speak one way or the other, on such an extremely important issue about womankind as whole, even though he may be wrong. Perhaps some saints in the past did not make much of the expressions (so many of them), because they knew woman was safest with her infatuating powers against such parrotry. Let the woman enslaved have a forceful eye opening  , or at least, a vent in words. It is only a small word pinch only , which even women, if they think sexlessly and religiously , may not mind or may even appreciate, understanding full well what the saints and scriptures really meant. The crudeness has however to be admitted and should entirely cease, at least for Mai-ists.         

Mai-istic eye towards woman is not that of chivalry and appreciation of beauty, engaging manners, softness, tenderness and sexual sentiments or emotions. It is not again that of vengeance towards man, in return of the man’s subjugation of woman in the past. Mai-istic eye is that of mercifulness, sacrificing, service-fullness and sacredness of mother, which almost every woman is, like a fruit bearing tree that suffers heat and cold, frost and rain, for the nourishment of the world itself. As between man and woman, Mai-ism wants to develop true understanding of mutual indispensability and in-competitive co-operative spirit of reciprocal love and service. The question of superiority, equality and inferiority is entirely irrelevant. Mai-ism insists on the sublimation of that natural human emotion known as “sex attraction”. Let the whole sale benefit of man folk on its looking upon the woman-folk , as comprised of mothers , sisters and daughters , be not lost. Mai-ism wants man to love and serve all women and not of any particular relationship or category alone.

So many saints, it cannot be denied, were indebted for they were , to their “Mothers”. So Many Ashrams were ably conducted for public spiritual welfare, through the assistance of  women. Paramahamsa was declared to be In carnation by a woman, a Sanyaasini. Should we not be ashamed of man’s ungratefulness, while using expressions of wholesale denunciation??

Of course for a worldly man, it may not be possible for him to be agreed to the highest ideal of looking every woman to be a mother, but then, let the understanding be clear , as under: 

A woman is poison when approached with lustfulness, and is a nectar when viewed with a feeling of motherliness. The woman that pulls man more and more towards worldliness, is a venom, whereas the woman that gives him a spiritual, moral and virtuous life is a nectar. The woman that pulls man towards Godlessness, enjoyment and selfishness, is venom, whereas , the woman that takes him to God-ward-ness, self-control and selflessness, is a nectar. The woman that makes man more attached to his parents, Gurus, benefactors, helpers, destitute and the needy is the nectar. The woman that makes man a slave of her infatuation and grind mill bullock for increasing requirements of the family, is a venom. The woman who sits on man’s head and through the strings of her infatuations  rides him as a camel and satisfies her thirst with the water in the camel’s belly, if need arises is a venom.

Why are people so very fond of short misleading formulae in Religion? when they would be exhausting their brains with hair splitting over-two-penny worth worldly matters?? Neither infatuation, nor denunciation. Such expressions have been a plum-feather, which no man professing to be religious has failed to crown himself with. Mai-ism however takes strong objection thereto. Just as service and love have been there, but not religionised, so here too, it is not that the idea of looking upon woman as mother is not there but it has not been religionised. Mai-ism religionises Love and Service, and the trying of one’s best to look upon every woman as mother.

The yet greater humiliation is to be seen in that woman has been bracketed with wealth, as if both were of an equally degenerating order, calling them both, temptations, as per old religious belief. There is however earth and sky difference. Whereas the former is with reference to matter and materialism, the latter means a much subtler and nobler fight of living spirits and living forces .Wealth itself has no craving to conquer any man and to fell any special joy and blessedness in being with a certain man. Money temptation is murderous, women temptation is suicidal. The former arises from wickedness and cruelty, the latter from weakness and misplaced lovingness.  A greedy man impoverishes the world and creates repulsion. Lustful man has at least one chance in a thousand of reaction in the spiritual direction. Lustfulness abates with the passing of years, but the greediness increases with age. 


In the first place, don’t denounce “woman”. If at all you do, don’t bracket with wealth. It is only one sided and blind man’s judgment. When you reach that high stage of spirituality when non-attachment becomes goal of your Sadhana, you have to practice for attainment of proofness against sex attraction. But that you can as well do, without denunciation and hatred. Condemnation is wrong remedy and a harmful teaching. It is great injustice that such a parrotry should be repeated John, Dick or harry, or by envious members in a family, to break the happy blending of a husband and a wife , or by an evil eyed friend , of if for no serious reasons, at least for slighting and belittling , be the speaker a drunkard, or a pauper or profligate. This misunderstood and misinterpreted religious licence given to men against women stands entirely cancelled, rejected and even condemned, under Mai-ism. 




About the image or picture of Universal Divine Mother Mai [ Maiism ]



JAI MAI JAI MARKAND MAI जय माई जय मार्कण्ड माई


The image or picture of Maai माई is the well-known one, known as Aadi Lakshmi आदिलक्ष्मी . This is the picture which was selected by Universal Divine Mother Maai माई and suggested to Mai Swarupa माईस्वरूप  on the night of the Mother’s installation on 2 September 1932, as described in Mai-ism when Mai Markand agreed to install MOTHER MAAI माई , on certain most difficult conditions being fulfilled. This Aadi Lakshmi picture was the first and the top most and in a separate packet from other photos. Strangely enough the picture, as if had been designed for Maai-worship has no war-weapons, and main most qualification of no Mahishasur महिषासुर , no garland of skulls, no tiger, no lion, not even the elephant, nor a peacock etc. All these associations would be a great barrier to the permanent fixity of the Universal conception. This should be entirely dis-associated with an importance and assertion of the Mythology and Maai identification with Shakti शक्ती (Power) battlefield Daily-Demon-fight, and War Victory etc. The Universal Mother-hood conception for which Mai-ism stands should remain wholly unadulterated. It is the most suited picture for the Maai माई conception of God as Mother. Four holdings in hands are as under. Lower left hand has a lotus which represents Love, lower right hand is the boon hand, which so very spontaneously suggests Service. The upper right hand carries the elephant goad which represents perfectly controlled Devotion and the upper left hand holds the flag or banner, which represents unconditional cheerful Self -surrender. Thus the four holdings represent the four tenets of Maai-ism, viz., LOVE, SERVICE, DEVOTION and SURRENDER, Prema प्रेम, Seva सेवा , Bhakti भक्ती & Sharanagati शरणागती. There is another speciality, viz., that Maai has a halo which is representative of the highest Divinity and final-most-ness. The whole picture showing Mother standing on the basic lotus in midst of the infinite ocean is an indication of the Mother being the Final-most Supreme Almighty or the Mother. Thus the whole picture creates in the heart of the meditating devotee, the conception of the UNIVERSAL MOTHER, who is FINAL-MOST ORIGIN and who is propitiated on living a life based on the said four tenets, with two backgrounds of  Faith viz., GOD as MOTHER and MOTHER OF ALL. The basic lotus has seven petals prominently seen in front including one full in the center, and three partly seen on each side of the central one. In the immediately rear we find two petals, one on the each side of the central petal. These two petals represent the two Lotus Feet of Maai. Meditation of Lotus Feet means, imagining that powerful Divine rays are oozing out from the nails of MOTHER’S Lotus Feet represented by the two lotus petals and entering the heart of the devotee and dispelling all TAMAS तमस, darkness, inertia and ignorance, there-in. A little above the two petals we find the horizontal garment, golden border and that represents the ankles. The invisibility of the ankles and Lotus Feet has to convey the idea and the highest estimation about the almost impossibility of the attainment of PARA BHAKTI परा भक्ती (ankles) and MUKTI मुक्ती the emancipation. The popular notion viz., that devotion is the easiest of all paths to reach Almighty, it should not be forgotten, is with reference to GUANA BHAKTI गौण भक्ती  or primary devotion and not Para Bhakti प्रेम भक्ती or perfected devotion, which is attained after perfect attainment of Gyana ज्ञान  the Divine Knowledge. It is so very difficult to have the attainment of the Lotus Feet, much more than the face, the eyes, the crown ( Grace, Divine Vision, Supernatural Powers ) etc. In Maai meditations, the higher order of spiritual attainment is from face to feet, and not from feet to face. The final resting place for the soul is in the LOTUS FEET and the BASIC LOTUS. Mai’s lower right hand, the boon hand is ever raised to grant boons most mercifully to the devotees. The BASIC LOTUS with innumerable petals is suggestive of the surroundingness of all the surrendered devotees around Mother’s Lotus Feet, with the perfected living of universal Love and Service , with Devotion and Self-surrender. The ocean represents Infinity of space and perpetuity of time , in the midst of which Mother Maai has been standing.








Remedy for worry


What is “worry”? Worry is giving way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles. If you worry, you keep thinking about problems that you have or about unpleasant things that might happen. Someone or something can worry you e.g. Terry was worried by the challenge, or I am sorry I worried you, or dog worries ship or other farm animals. The word “worry” has several synonyms such as annoyance, vexation, mortification, chagrin, irritation, anxiety etc. In short worry is thinking plus anxiety. Worry does not exempt anyone. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Worry occupies the first rank among the three Ws. If you are worried you may not get good sleep. Sleeplessness leads to blood pressure, heart trouble etc. Worry may be due to loss of wealth, failure in litigation, collapse of business, temperament incompatibility between couple, ill-health, unemployment, etc. What is the remedy to overcome the worries? All the tranquilizers won’t produce the desired result.


In His immense Mercy Founder Saint Shri. Maiji has laid down an unfailing remedy to overcome worries. The remedy is embodied in a letter to a lady devotee whose name is not known as we have only a copy of letter without the name. The letter sent on the first February 1963 from Mai Niwas is reproduced en bloc in the hope that it will help all readers to get rid of their worries and surrender cheerfully to Mai Maiji.

“I am unhappy to note that you have been very much worried during the last few days. Be bold. Maiji and Mai are with you. Mai is sure to solve your problem. Continue Mai pooja and Mai Mantra whenever you get leisure. Read at least one or two pages of Mai-ism every day. Your worries will vanish as ghee burns in the fire in Havan. I am sorry to note that most of us have not fully understood the working of Mother’s Divine administration. So they are often thinking that Mai is punishing them when they get worried.  Please note the words in Ardha Sahasranama “Mai Sharanagati Karuna Eka”. The meaning is Mai’s Grace showering is directly proportional to the amount of one’s surrender to Her, and the surrender should be unconditional, cheerful self-surrender. You are a very highly educated lady. So you must try to understand the working of Divine laws and the Guru’s work is to guide you and give you invisible strength to know that. The gold can be made into the form required only by heating and hammering. Like that Mai may put you to slight tests and by the Grace and Blessings of Guru the severity of the test will be very much lightened. I again tell you that whenever you feel worried in mind , if you are doing any work repeat the Mantra “Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai, Chitta Shanti Pradayini, Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai” and if you get leisure time read Mai-ism book two pages at least. Many people by doing like this got peace of mind and I do not see any reason why you also should not have that.


In this Universe everybody including myself are surrounded by many forces, good as well as bad and evil and we have to fight out all the bad and evil forces to get happiness and peace of mind. Then we have got our past Karmas, good and evil we do not know how much good and how much evil we have got in our account. By worshiping Mai and repeating Mai Mantra and by the Blessings and Guidance of Guru, the huge miseries and calamities and worries will be very much lightened so that we may not feel too much, but still we have to suffer something which should be peacefully and happily gone through. The fighting out the evil forces are also influenced to a very great extent by our surroundings, environments and circumstances .So the only way is to get as much credit as possible in your account in the Divine Bank so that the credit of the Divine Bank Balance may exceed the debit or in other words the balance should be always credit Balance. When that stage is reached there will be complete happiness. In addition to the instructions if you have got time and if your husband has no objection, I would suggest you to write the following Mantra in note books and send me the books as when finished and they will be placed on the Lotus Feet of Mai here. “Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai, Mai Sharanagati Karuna Eka, Chitta Shanti Pradayini Sarva Dhukha Nivaarini, Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai”. If you don’t get time even a few lines day to commence with will be sufficient.

Don’t feel unhappy at all. Have full courage and face everything boldly. By the Grace of Mai nothing serious will happen. By the Grace of Mai and Blessings of Maiji, things which come as mountains will pass away as clouds.

Mai fully bless you, your husband and your children and Balkrishnan. Please preserve this letter forever for consolation and strength on reading it. If I were more free I would suggest to keep it under your pillow while you sleep.


(Signed) Maiji.

Extract from the Mai Marga [ MAIISM] , 51st Booklet, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz west Mumbai 400054 India.